Life sometimes brings us strange surprises that seem impossible to explain simply by reference to theories of probability.

We never cease to be amazed by the coincidences that occur in this world, which demonstrate how unpredictable and mysterious it is.

Unbelievable Coincidences That Actually Happened

7. Almost Like Reincarnation

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Enzo Ferrari, who founded the Ferrari company, died in 1988. About a month later, soccer player Mesut Özil was born.

Looking at their portraits, you might be forgiven for thinking they are twin brothers. Is it a reincarnation case?

6. Neighbors Living In Different Centuries

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The famous composer George Handel was a neighbor of famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix; it is true that they were separated by two centuries.

Handel lived in London at 25 Brook Street, whilst Hendrix lived for a time at 23 Brook Street.

They were both incredible musicians who had a great influence on the development of music in their respective times.

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5. The Hoover Dam Tragedy

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One of the first people to lose his life during the construction of the Hoover Dam was George Tierney, who died on December 20, 1922, during the preparatory work.

The last person to die during construction was Patrick Tierney, George’s son. He also died on December 20.

Source: http: // damofhoover, usbr, digital-desert

4. The Cars That Found Each Other

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In 1895, in the state of Ohio, two cars collided. The peculiarity of this particular accident can be found in the fact that, during this period, automobile production was only just beginning to take off, and there were only these two cars in Ohio.

Unfortunately, at that time, car accidents were not yet documented, and therefore the official records for this case did not survive.

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3. Rumors Of Edgar Allan Poe’s Time Machine

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In the book The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, written by Edgar Allan Poe, we learn the story of four sailors who survived the sinking of their ship and were forced to eat a ship-boy named Richard Parker.

Po claimed that this story was based on real-life events, but this was not actually the case.

46 years after the book was written, a real ship sank, and the crew members who were saved recounted how they had eaten a ship-boy called…Richard Parker.

This led to rumors that the famous American writer owned a time machine.

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2. Unlucky Brothers

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In July 1975, Erskine Lawrence Ebbin, a 17-year-old Bermudian resident, was traveling down the road on his motorcycle when he was hit by a taxi.

Almost a year earlier, also in July, Erskine’s brother, who was also 17 years old, had died.

He was on the same scooter and was also killed by a taxi. Behind the wheel was the same driver and had the same passenger.

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1. Anthony Hopkins And A Rare Book

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Actor Anthony Hopkins once urgently needed a book to study for a role in a movie starring: The Girl from Petrovka, written by George Feifer.

He couldn’t find the book in any store, but then, coincidentally, he found a forgotten copy on the subway.

When Hopkins later met Feifer, Feifer told him that he did not have a copy of the book; he had lent his last one to a friend, who had lost it somewhere in the subway.

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