When a relationship ends, we begin to analyze what happened and look for the real cause of the breakup. It’s hard to understand immediately whether it was just a coincidence or an emotional outburst.

We want to help you recognize people who are behaving suspiciously. There are 9 types of behavior that characterize emotional psycho.

Signs You’re Dating A Psychopath

9. They Lie All The Time

9 Signs You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho
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Does your partner show signs of being a habitual liar? They don’t even have to be big lies, little white lies are the same.

Emotional psychopaths tend to lie about everything, which provides an unstable foundation for a relationship.

8. They Humiliate You In Front Of People

9 Signs You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho
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Your partner should support and encourage you. If they are always humiliating you in front of other people, it means that they do not care about your feelings and prefer to tear you down instead of building them.

7. They Crave Attention But Don’t Give Any

9 Signs You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho
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An emotional psychopath thrives on attention. However, the irony is that they rarely pay attention in return.

They want you to meet their needs, but it will be difficult for them to do the same. This unhealthy cycle leads to a one-sided relationship.

6. They Isolate You

Because emotional psychopaths crave attention, they want to make sure you don’t pay attention to anyone. They do this by isolating you from your friends and family.

They will discourage you from leaving the house and may even try to convince you that you don’t need other people because you have everything you could possibly need in them.

5. They Always Blame You If There Are Difficulties In The Relationship

9 Signs You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho
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Do not think that they are stupid and do not understand anything. On the contrary, they know that it is their fault, but their nature simply does not allow them to admit their mistake.

They seek to make you think that whatever bad is going on, you’re always the only one to blame.

4. They’re Constantly Lying To Make You Feel Bad

Speaking of lies, it is worth focusing on the fact that a person will not only lie about some global issues – they’re able to deceive out of nowhere.

From this position, they do not care at all about your feelings and do not even realize what they are doing.

3. They Blame You For The Fact They’re Unable To Achieve Something In Life

9 Signs You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho
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This person is mentally ill. They believe that everyone around them is guilty for their failures.

As mentioned above, your feelings are not important to them. They will repeat the same thing over and over again: “It’s because of you that I can’t achieve my goals.”

2. They Diminish Your Dignity By All Means

For such a person, it means exactly the same as a dusty remote control. They have found a perfect person who cares for them and controls you to satisfy their little needs. There can be no mutual feelings at all.

1. They Forbid You To Communicate With Other People

Being with such a person, it is almost impossible to ask for help. By limiting communications with the world around them, they retain you forever, ensuring that you can survive in this world simply by staying with them.

It is better to stay away from people who behave like this because they can take away what you have most precious: your life.