The world is full of miracles. But usually, we don’t even think about the amazing things around us. Sometimes we hear about them, but we don’t even know what they are like. We decided to reveal some things that were previously hidden.

Unusual Things In The World

12. The Gutenberg Bible


This book, also known as the 42-line Bible, symbolizes the beginning of book printing in Europe. Johannes Gutenberg released the first edition in early 1450.

Historians say there were 185 copies of the Bible in total: 150 on paper and 35 on parchment. Today only 48 copies remain, most of them incomplete.

11. Alcatraz

© kropic

Alcatraz is the most famous prison in the world. In the culture, literature, and history of the world, this place was a prison from which no one could escape.

It is located on Alcatraz Island, in San Francisco Bay. Tourists now have the opportunity to visit this island and the former prison.

It may seem like it’s just a simple construction from the last century, but let’s have a closer look!

10. 35 oz Plastic Bottle

© QAZ123QAZ123

You will be surprised because this is what a 35-ounce (1 liter) plastic bottle looks like before you heat and inflate it.

9. Mona Lisa

© chbm89

In fact, the masterpiece is not as majestic as it is often shown on television. The original Louvre is quite small: its height is 30 inches and its width is 21 inches.

8. A Brick Road Machine


This machine can easily replace a group of workers. With a single movement, open a wide brick road.

7. Sunrise And Sunset At The Same Time

© grizzzly

Many people would love to see a solar eclipse. But what about a simultaneous sunset and sunrise?

There are even fewer people who have managed to see such an incredible phenomenon.

6. The Appendix

© chanawit

What do we know about this part of the body? Only surgeons can inflame and remove it. The appendix is ​​a worm-shaped tube that extends from the cecum of the large intestine.

Its length is 3-5 inches and its diameter is 6-8 mm. If the appendix becomes inflamed, it gets swollen and blood-red in color.

5. The Penates


According to Roman mythology, the Penates are household deities. People used to return to their Penates after a war or a hunt.

As a general rule, each family had 2 Penates, whose images decorated a fireside.

4. A Graveyard For Unsold Cars

© Artek915

Millions of cars are destined not to find their owners because new models are constantly appearing and people are refusing to buy their expensive predecessors.

3. The Most Expensive Metal In The World

© NiceJoint

1 g (approximately 0.035 oz) of radioactive Californium-252 costs $27 million.

2. Point Nemo

© Cortana

It is so far from everything that the closest humans are usually astronauts.

1. Deep Blue, The Computer That Beat A Human At Chess


In 1997, this computer chess player defeated the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. This event caused a lot of worries: people feared that robots would conquer the world and enslave people. But if you take a look at Deep Blue … Can it really be dangerous?