Having a twin means sharing parents, family, a birthday, and a womb. In the case of identical twins, they even share the same face! While it can sometimes be frustrating to be known more as twins than separate individuals, twins are quite unique because only about 3% of the population are twins.

Being a twin means that you come with a built-in best friend, which is just one of the reasons why the relationship between twins is something others can only envy.

We look into why siblings born on the same day share a very special bond.

“Twintuition” Is A Thing

Why the Bond Between Twins Is So Very Special
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While there is no evidence that people who shared their mother’s womb with another person have an intuition for each other, there have been many claims that they have a sixth sense when it comes to their twin.

For example, when a woman fell down the stairs and injured her knee, her sister in the belly felt a terrible pain in the same leg at the same time, even though she was on the other side of the world.

Why the Bond Between Twins Is So Very Special
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In fact, in a survey of twins, when asked if they had “the ability to know what was going on with their partner,” almost 40% answered “yes.”

This telepathy goes beyond the physical as well. The Jim twins, who were separated at birth and reconnected at age 39, have found they have many similarities.

The two were casually named Jim by their adoptive parents, had dogs named Toy, married Linda before divorcing, and had a Betty as a second wife. They both also served as part-time bailiffs and enjoyed home woodworking projects.

They Are “a Family Within A Family.”

Why the Bond Between Twins Is So Very Special
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Since they came from the same place around the same time, they will likely end up being each other’s best friends, especially if they grow up together.

This group of siblings shares a different world than they have with other family members. So much so that about 40% have their own languages, a study says.

Same Faces Means They Can Swap Places

Why the Bond Between Twins Is So Very Special
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For those with identical faces, they have another special connection because the joke is always with other people. Most people couldn’t tell them apart and only they know which one is which.

They can play a prank on their parents and teachers or take the place of their other half if necessary.

That is exactly what Rami Malek did, as he switched places with his twin Sami to help him with a monologue at the university.

They Live Longer Than Others

Why the Bond Between Twins Is So Very Special
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Although twins may be at higher risk of dying during pregnancy or shortly after birth, the death rate has decreased over the past 30 years.

Interestingly, another study found that identical couples live longer than fraternal couples, who live longer than the general population.

Identical male partners are likely to live longer. The health benefits maybe because they have someone socially close who can support and protect them.

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