When we are 20, many of us are reckless and don’t really care about our future. But our 20s are the time when major behavior patterns are formed. They determine what our life will be like in 10 and 20 years. Some of these patterns can be harmful, and we can even see them, but it is not so easy to let go of harmful habits.

We compiled a list of life-disrupting unhealthy habits for many 30-year-olds, and we’ve found healthy alternatives that can easily replace any of them.

Spending All Your Money

6 Youthful Habits That’ll Only Bring You Trouble When You’re Older
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In their 30s, many people are just starting to make good money, so their first impulse is to spend it to buy all the things they longed for but couldn’t afford. As a result, they have dozens of unnecessary things and gizmos and splurge on fancy restaurant dinners instead of saving money to buy something more useful.

So they run out of money at the end of the month and sometimes even have to borrow money.

Alternatives: Set your priorities and try to understand what you want the most. A trip or a useful educational program will bring more pleasure and benefits than cosmetic products or a McDonald’s dinner. Try to learn more about effective ways to save money and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Following Fashion Trends

6 Youthful Habits That’ll Only Bring You Trouble When You’re Older
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When we are 20 years old, we love to attract attention and follow fashion trends. So we spend a fortune on clothes, as we regularly find cute little things and accessories. If you’re still spending a significant portion of your budget on clothing, it’s time to change your habits.

Alternatives: find your style. Instead of buying all the things you like, determine your body type, find the colors and clothes that suit you, and find out which clothes you feel most comfortable in. Creating your own style is a more interesting task than just buying fashionable things.

As a bonus, you know for sure which outfits from the new collections will fit you and which ones won’t.

Clinging To Your Old Friends

6 Youthful Habits That’ll Only Bring You Trouble When You’re Older
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In our 20s, we have a lot of people around us: we are still in touch with our schoolmates and constantly hang out with our friends from college and our dorm neighbors. But after graduation, people become interested in different things. So those who get used to being around people may feel lonely and isolated because they have fewer friends to communicate with.

Alternatives: Accept that we used to communicate with a lot of people just because we studied or lived together. But now we can find new friends who will be closer to us at work, in the gym or in a social club. And don’t worry too much, you will still have some of your closest friends.

Not Paying Attention To Your Daily Routine

6 Youthful Habits That’ll Only Bring You Trouble When You’re Older
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It’s easy to go to bed at2 a.m. And wake up at 10 a.m. When you are 20 years old. But later on, our days get busier and many people still don’t want to adjust their daily routines to this new rhythm. As a result, waking up in the morning seems like an impossible task, we are always late and constantly tired.

Alternatives: Determine the habits that spoil your routine, such as watching a television series that lasts all night or checking your social networks. Replace them with something healthy but nice.

For example, you can read a book instead of a post before going to bed or watch TV on the weekends instead of a workday. This will help you determine the most convenient time to wake up and go to bed.

Expecting Too Much From Your Metabolism

6 Youthful Habits That’ll Only Bring You Trouble When You’re Older
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Many people don’t have to work very hard to stay in shape in their 20s. But our metabolism slows down with age. If you constantly overeat, eat lunch at fast-food restaurants, and lead a sedentary lifestyle, good genes will not prevent you from being overweight in the future.

Alternatives: work on your eating habits. You don’t have to follow a strict diet – you just need to find healthy foods that you like. It is also beneficial to learn how to cook your favorite unhealthy dishes – homemade burgers are much better for you than McDonald’s. Don’t forget to try an interesting new sport or at least get into the habit of taking a walk at night.

Not Learning How To Cook

6 Youthful Habits That’ll Only Bring You Trouble When You’re Older
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When you live alone, it is very convenient to eat in the nearest cafes or go to the university cafeteria. But eating out costs a lot of money and is unhealthy. Also, a person who cannot cook in their 30s seems immature and childish. Your partner will definitely not be satisfied with this fact.

Alternatives: Learn to cook a variety of simple but tasty dishes that don’t take a long time to prepare. It would be perfect if you and the person you live with liked them. Find your star dish and learn to cook it to perfection. That way, your grandchildren could even ask for a recipe many years later!

Each person is unique, but there are some harmful habits that most of us have in our thirties. What habits of youth would you like to get rid of?