The key to success is believing in yourself. There are many books and movies on this topic, but reality often shows us that, in most cases, self-confidence is not all we need (and sometimes high self-esteem can even be dangerous).

But being disciplined and able to communicate with people is always important. Unfortunately, few people have these skills.

We are convinced that hard work and success always accompany each other. And to make things easier, use these psychological tricks from this list.

Psychological Tricks That Actually Work

6. Remember The Recency Effect

6 Psychological Tricks That Can Work With Anyone
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Everyone knows that the last spoken phrase is memorized better than the conversation as a whole. In fact, this effect doesn’t just work for conversations.

For example, you have a very important job interview, in which you are competing with other people.

You will have an advantage if you can see the hiring manager first or last – there is a better chance that they will memorize and hire you. Of course, you will have to be as good as the other candidates.

5. Simulate

Imitating the behavior of a person you want to be with is actually a way of having the same character traits. It works the same way as the placebo effect: you basically make yourself think you have a certain character trait and, in time, you really will.

The most important thing is to do it as often as possible: if you do it only once a month, it won’t work.

In fact, the same thing happens with emotions: to get into a certain state of mind, start doing some things that are linked to that feeling. This means, for example, that to be in a good mood, you just smile more often.

4. Demonstrate Sincere Happiness

6 Psychological Tricks That Can Work With Anyone
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Of course, that doesn’t mean you should hug people you barely know. But if you greet people with a smile and sincere warmth, sooner or later they will feel the same way about you.

The trick is that you use positive emotions to make the other person feel that you are happy to see them. The other person will begin to smile back at you and, over time, they will start to really like you.

3. Discuss Secondary Issues

Imagine this: You are suggesting an idea at a business meeting and you want it to be accepted. Try to direct the conversation, not in the direction of discussing the feasibility of the idea, but the details of its realization.

For example, do you want to plant trees in the neighborhood? Ask what types of trees are the most preferable. Do you want to build a playground for children? Discuss the materials.

That way, people are more likely to start treating the idea as if they’ve already accepted it and are more inclined to agree with you.

2. Use Decoys

6 Psychological Tricks That Can Work With Anyone
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Marketing specialists love this trick, but you can also use it in real life to get what you want. In sales, the least profitable price becomes the decoy. For example, you have a choice: a small cup of coffee for $ 1 and a larger cup for $ 1.50.

The difference is not so great, many people will choose the smallest because it is cheaper.

But if you’re offered a third option, which is twice as big as the first, not for $ 2, but for only $ 1.75, the picture becomes completely different – the higher price will seem like the best.

Remember this trick when you ask someone for a favor or try to suggest your idea at a business meeting.

1. Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Taking someone else’s position quickly in a conflict is not the best decision. You must be calm and reasonable. Stay neutral until you hear arguments from both sides.

In this way, you will demonstrate your ability to analyze things impartially. People will notice this and trust you more.

We hope you find these tricks useful. And which glass did you really choose? Tell us in the comment section below.