Beauty and intelligence are unrelated. But some people may unknowingly be influenced by the “halo effect,” a bias that gives attractive people positive traits, like being smarter or nicer. However, appearance has some meaning in terms of personality: it’s all in the face, morphologically speaking.

We’ve put on our glasses and done a little digging to find out what our faces say about us.

Facial Features And Personality

Diamond Face Shape

5 Face Details Reveal Your True Personality Even If You Hide It

This type of face is wider in the middle and points towards the forehead and chin. People with this face shape are said to like to be in control. Wanting and aiming for perfection, they are detail-oriented and produce quality work.

Sharp as diamonds and very precise with words, they can cut if crossed from the wrong side.

In many places, this face shape is considered average in appearance. This can be a good thing, as people, in general, tend to consider average-looking faces to be more trustworthy than those with special or unique features.

Rectangular Face Shape

5 Face Details Reveal Your True Personality Even If You Hide It

This face shape is characterized by a wide hairline and jawline. People with a wider face type have a lot of natural energy and a lot of stamina. They also tend to take on big projects and have high intelligence and analytical mind.

Able to remain calm and focused, even in high-stress environments, they can be born leaders.

Good thinkers and planners, they are prone to stick to logic and not talk about their feelings. Men with this face shape tend to feel “more powerful” but are actually perceived as “less trustworthy.”

Baby Face

5 Face Details Reveal Your True Personality Even If You Hide It

The features of the “baby face” can be confused with the round face, but here it includes specific details such as large eyes and a small nose and chin. People with these traits may be perceived as more naive, less dominant, or even submissive.

But they are, in fact, honest, warm, and friendly. Women with these traits, in many cultures around the world, are considered the most attractive type of all.

In general, baby-faced men tend to be more polite and more assertive and are more likely to be hostile. This is considered a tendency to overcompensate, so much so that they are also more likely to be delinquent. Just think of Al Capone or gangster George Nelson (also known as “Baby Face Nelson”).

Skin Lines

5 Face Details Reveal Your True Personality Even If You Hide It

The lines on the face can also say a lot. People who have a strong and defined solar line in the center of their foreheads have a lot of vitality and tend to be ambitious and adventurous.

Crow’s feet, lines at the corners of the eyes, are a happy sign. However, if they are too deep, they may be related to stress or making difficult decisions. In general, they signify the attention to detail.

Glabellar lines or “frown lines” can allude to both stubbornness and stress, as they are reinforced by shrinking as a negative reaction.

And the smile lines around the mouth can say something about health and life force. They often represent optimism and someone that people like to be with.

Social Traits

In men, being agreeable and conscientious was also related to facial features. Greater friendliness was portrayed in higher eyebrows, with a “raised” look, along with wide eyes and long, laterally splayed eyebrows.

Lower levels of agreeableness were associated with the opposite, with a somewhat receding jaw and eyebrows, along with a “retracted” upper lip and visible tension around the mouth and jaw.

In fact, introverted traits reveal exactly the reverse pattern of extroverts, with the nose area even seeming to press against the face, along with a receding type of chin. You can find more information about noses here.

In women, extroversion has been found to correlate with facial structures that show a protruding nose and lips, along with well-defined masseter muscles (the jaw muscles used for chewing).

And regardless of gender, masculine faces with distinctive jawlines are generally considered dominant, just as large foreheads and prominent noses are read as competent features.

What face shape do you have? Did you recognize bits of your own personality? Share this article with a friend and ask what they think about it!