10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real

The Web often surprises us with smart photo manipulations. Some users make fun of them; others simply distrust them.

We at Creative Side, we found several brilliant examples of photography that caused a great deal of uproar around the world, while being completely fake.

Popular Fake Photographs

10. Nominee Without A Nomination

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© better-find  

This is one of the oldest and most notorious viral photos of all time. It made a good deal of hullabaloo when it appeared on the internet, but it’s actually two unrelated photos that were masterfully put together.

The irony is that it was National Geographic’s reputation that suffered the most from its appearance: the image used to have a caption saying it was chosen as “National Geographic Photo of the Year”.

9. The Island Castle Or The Castle Island

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© facebook   © pixabay   © pixabay  

A short but fascinating caption, The Castle Island, Ireland leaves you no choice: you just want to drop everything and go to Dublin to see this architectural miracle for yourself.

Unfortunately, it is no more real than Neverland. This is a good old Photoshop, but it’s so good that it made millions believe it.

8. A Fruit To Die For

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© naturalchocolate  

It has been several years since summer began with the hype surrounding this unusual treatment. It has many names: blue, moon, Chinese, Japanese … The sad thing is that it does not really exist.

7. Fear Makes The Bear Bigger Than He Is

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© gizmodo  

This photo makes you smile, despite yourself. Emergencies occur during the shooting of wild animals, but this is not the case: note the shape of the bear’s head and a piece of grass on the right front leg.

Unfortunately, if you think this image is authentic, we have to disappoint you – it’s cropped in Photoshop.

6. The Legendary Title Screen

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© reddit   © pikabu  

This photo appeared a few years ago, purportedly showing Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s famous roaring lion. Some thought it was fun, but wildlife protectors were outraged at the animal’s violation of freedom.

To avoid further arguments, make sure: this is false. The original photo shows that the lion was doing an MRI.

5. The Great Photoshopped White

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© snopes  

Animal photographs never cease to fascinate the general public, and this photo of the great white shark, titled “National Geographic Photo of the Year,” was no exception in 2016.

Many seemed to think it was genuine, while others had trouble believing its authenticity. As a result, another bubble burst loudly and National Geographic had to make a return move.

4. Black Is White, White Is Black

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© paulie-svk   © hoaxes  

The photo of a majestic black lion received hundreds of thousands of likes from connoisseurs around the world. Everyone who saw it talked about the unique animal.

But despite the fact that there are actually black lions, this particular image is made. However, the original still looks magnificent.

3. A Very Strong Baby

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© flickr  

Although a woman feels her baby push in the later stages of pregnancy and may even see swelling in the abdomen, the abdominal walls are too thick for a foot to be clearly seen.

Also, the foot is too big for an unborn baby. In short, this boy would certainly be no less than a Hercules, if only he existed. The source of the image is unknown, but it is probably composed,  just like later copycats.

2. Batman And Joker

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© twitter   © reddit  

This photo was released via Twitter and the caption said that Heath Ledger was having fun on the set of The Dark Knight. The statement was easily accepted by the online community and can still be seen on all social media as long as it’s just a photo edit.

1. Airborne Selfie

10 Famous Fake Photographs Which Seem Absolutely Real
© quora   © an-aviation  

The image of an intrepid pilot taking a selfie in midair created such excitement that it even spawned multiple impersonators. Some of them, although they confessed to the fraud, still receive thousands of likes. Sure, it looks very flashy, but it’s still fake. However, even the actual photo is amazing and deserves public attention.

Preview photo credit quoraan-aviation


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