People tend to end up with a selfish partner because they want intimacy so much that they are willing to do all the emotional heavy lifting. Psychologists warn that one-sided relationships have a major impact on a person’s physical and emotional health that results from constant stress and anxiety.

If your inner voice gives you warning signs, you need to stop and critically assess your relationship.

We want to remind you that love is a two-way street, and we’ve put together a list of warning signs that your partner is not as involved in the relationship as you are.

6. You Always Initiate Plans For The Both Of You

6 Signs You’re Stuck in a One-Sided Relationship
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If you don’t text or call them, you may not have contact for several days. And yet all you get are dry answers that make you feel like you’re distracting them from something important.

Plus, you plan every meeting and stress to keep them entertained as if being together somehow isn’t good enough. You deserve to be wooed as much as your partner, don’t forget your value.

5. You Feel Like You Don’t Really Know Your Partner

6 Signs You’re Stuck in a One-Sided Relationship
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They never opened up about their past or asked for advice after a hard day at work. Your conversations are generally superficial and it seems that you might be with a casual acquaintance.

So how do you plan to spend the rest of your life with that person if you don’t know their true character?

4. You’re Afraid Of Being Yourself

6 Signs You’re Stuck in a One-Sided Relationship
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Do you always feel that you cannot share problems with your partner and always play a role? You have probably found a middle ground in your personality and humor that attracts them and you stick with it.

You are not comfortable being sad or vulnerable around you, because they will instantly get irritated and tell you to “get over it.” Remember, they don’t deserve your best if they aren’t there for you at your worst.

3. You Put Their Needs Above Your Own

6 Signs You’re Stuck in a One-Sided Relationship
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When you’re together, you just do what they want. They choose the movies, the restaurants and they do not care about their interests.

Over time, you start to adopt their personality and tell yourself that whatever they want to do is cool with you.

No. If a person really loves you, they want to support your hobbies and do the things you love, without calling it “commitment.”

2. You’re Always Making Excuses For Them

6 Signs You’re Stuck in a One-Sided Relationship
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Do you often feel uncomfortable with your partner’s behavior in front of your friends or family? Have you ever said, “Oh, they’re in a bad mood today” or something like that?

You will likely see the true reflection of your partner in the eyes of those close to you. You think they feel bad for you, so you want to prove them wrong.

But why do you feel this way? Try talking to your friends, sometimes an outside opinion can put you on the right track.

1. You Constantly Feel Emotionally Drained

6 Signs You’re Stuck in a One-Sided Relationship
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Making plans for the two of you and keeping you entertained is really exhausting. It is not surprising that you are stressed, you give a lot without receiving anything in return.

You think that maybe if you plan an amazing trip or give them a gift they always dreamed of, you will finally get something in return.

And when it never happens, you feel disappointed and let down. Basically, you’re catching on from a partner who wouldn’t even spend 5 minutes making you feel special.

Have you given everything in a relationship and received nothing in return? What was the turning point for you?