When we talk to someone, we want them to trust our words. Unfortunately, not everything we say is perceived correctly.

To avoid such situations, We want to share some research with you. Reveal the main secret to gain confidence when communicating with others.

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It may seem a bit hackneyed, but the secret is in our eyes. When we communicate with others, we do not control what happens to our eyes and how they react. But they are very important for the person to decide if they trust us.

To be exact, the decisive role is given to pupils, specifically, their size. The wider the pupils, the easier it is to trust the speaker. Before this research, everyone thought that the contraction and dilation of the pupil were not controlled. However, we can change the width of our pupils on our own. Imagine that you are in a dark room.

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With this simple action, you automatically become a good listener and business partner at any level. If your pupils are dilated, someone unconsciously begins to trust you.