In a mundane life, there is nothing better than playing detective and discovering some of the strangest and best-kept secrets in the world.

There are those who do not believe there are hidden weights in bowling balls or that a magician’s tricks could be easily revealed. Well, look no further and prepare to be amazed by some of the secrets our world keeps.

We thought it would be interesting to unravel some of Earth’s fascinating secrets, to see our life from a new perspective, and see some of the tricks of the trade like we’ve never seen them before.

12. “If you’ve ever wondered how they install those huge power line towers …”

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11. This is how this famous trick is done.

10. So if you’ve always wanted to relocate without changing houses, here is a life hack for you.

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9. “This is not a concrete image. This is an aerial photo of New Delhi, India. “

© Dudemanbrosirsguy / reddit

8. “New York at night looks like a motherboard.”

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7. Does a photo of a shaved monkey count as proof that we are related?

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6. This is how cashews grow.

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5. “This is how a bridge is constructed across water.”

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4. This is where the Great Wall of China ends.

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3. We did not expect to see the pyramids so close to the city.

© brasileiranoegito / instagram© Wikimedia

2. “This is Namibia, where the desert meets water.”

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1. This little black dot by the Sun on the left is Mercury.

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What secret in this crazy world were you totally surprised? Let us know below and feel free to show us if there is anything exciting you have found.