Sometimes it seems like you’ve seen so much in this life that nothing can surprise you again. And then, accidentally, you heard someone mention something amazing, like the fact that hippo milk is really pink. That’s right.

We have chosen some more surprising facts of this type for you. There is not a single one that does not surprise you!

25 Surprising Facts Showing How Little We Know About This World

Honey never goes off. Not after a year, not after two, never.

The Turritopsis Nutricula jellyfish is the only known organism on Earth that is biologically immortal.

The heart of a blue whale is so massive that a human being can swim through its arteries.

25 Surprising Facts Showing How Little We Know About This World
© themarysue

Yet its throat is no bigger than a saucer.

For all people in the world, there are around 1.6 million ants. The overall weight of all these ants is equal to the combined weight of the human population in the world.

An octopus has three hearts.

Originally, Feng Shui was the art of choosing an appropriate place for a grave.

On Saturn and Jupiter, the rain is made from diamonds.

And this what the sky would look like were at the same distance from Earth as the Moon.

25 Surprising Facts Showing How Little We Know About This World
© twistedsifter

There are ten times more bacteria in the human body than cells.

The likelihood that the glass of water you are drinking contains a molecule of water that the dinosaur once passed through is about 100%.

Frankenstein was the name of the creator, not the monster.

The catfish has 27,000 taste buds. This is four times more than what humans have.

This is what sand looks like under a microscope:

25 Surprising Facts Showing How Little We Know About This World
© sandgrains

A stereotypical gold fish bowl is actually the worst kind of home for them.

Reading in low light or using a computer in the dark has no negative effect on your vision.

Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

In Cyprus, Santa Claus is called basil.

No one has ever managed to tame an African elephant.

The image on the left is the appearance of a candle when it burns on Earth; On the right, this is how it burns in zero-gravity, as seen on the Mir space station.

25 Surprising Facts Showing How Little We Know About This World
© popmech

Lack of sleep makes people see enemies all around them.

Wrinkles that appear on the skin of your hands (after showering, for example) play an important role. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that when your body encounters an increased amount of moisture, you understand that the environment can be slippery. Therefore, the skin on your hands begins to change immediately, to facilitate the grip smooth surfaces.

The groove between the nose and the upper lip is called a philtrum. This tiny indent is a residual reminder of time spent in your mother’s womb. The two sides of your face develop independently of each other and meet in the middle of your face, creating the philtrum. When these two sides do not fuse together correctly, which occurs in one in 750 births, the result is a cleft palate.

Round buttocks were determined by the evolutionary process. The main occupation of our ancestors was hunting and, to catch prey or at least quickly run well-built buttocks, it was a great thing for this task.

Women’s hearts beat faster, but men’s hearts are bigger.