Love on-screen and in romantic books makes us think that a man who sincerely loves a woman must always bring her large amounts of flowers and jewelry, go crazy, and save the world (at least once). But when we do not receive these signs of love, we are disappointed and feel that our man does not love us. But is this really true? Or do men express their love in a different way?

We collected scientific data that shows true and sincere love more clearly than millions of flowers and hundreds of rescued kittens. If your man does not always make a declaration of love but performs most of these actions, you should not doubt, he loves you.

Ways To Know If A Man Truly Loves You

He Listens To You More Than He Speaks

6 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You
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Most men don’t refuse to talk about themselves and their accomplishments. But that is not how a loving man works. You listen to your lover very carefully and ask questions because true love involves caring and empathy, even if a conversation is not deeply meaningful.

And if a man is not interested in your business and refuses to listen to you, but can talk about euro rates or spinning stick types for hours, it’s time to think about your relationship.

He Cares About Your Friends And Family

6 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You
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A loving man welcomes your family and friends into his heart because they are part of your life. He may dislike and even disrespect you from time to time, but he will never prohibit you from communicating with them. They will always be there if you need their help.

He Never Excludes You From A Conversation Or Debate

6 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You
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How often do you observe situations where women are excluded from a dispute (“Stay out of it. I can handle it myself”)? A loving man will never say words like this. Treat your loved one as an equal person and you will never offend her by not giving her the opportunity to express her opinion.

He’s Always Proud Of Your Success And Easily Tells Others About It

6 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You
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Many men hate when women achieve their goals in various fields. Especially if they didn’t succeed themselves. But a loving man treats his beloved as part of himself, and that is why he is always happy when she succeeds. He will not hesitate to tell his friends everything.

He’s Thankful And Always Encourages You

6 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You
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With a loving man, a woman feels special, important, and essential. That is because she always hears words of gratitude and thus understands that her effort is valued. Even after years of marriage, a loving husband does not take his wife or her actions for granted.

He Makes Concessions Even When You Don’t Ask For Them

6 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You
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Every relationship is based on commitments: sometimes we have to give up something or even make a sacrifice. The difference is that in a loveless relationship, you go through pressure from one of the partners. But a man who loves a woman is always ready to give up his interests for her. And he’s happy to make it feel reciprocated.

And how do you interpret the love of a man? How do you understand if a man really loves you or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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