To be appreciated and accepted by society, we often try to show that we are perfect. But it is important to know that nobody is born perfect. We cannot please everyone around us, nor should we try to. When we embrace ourselves as we are, rather than being what others want us to be, we attract genuine happiness and genuine relationships.

We have compiled a list of things we must stop doing in order to impress others and live more fully, prioritizing ourselves more.

Humblebragging Doesn’t Make You Look Modest

6 Things We Shouldn’t Do to Please Someone for Our Own Sake
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Humble boasting is seen more like false modesty. One study claims that people who pride themselves are less sincere. Humiliating feels more like part showing off and part complaining, which is just plain irritating. If you want to show off, show off directly.

Traveling To Show Off, Rather Than Exploring And Being In The Moment

6 Things We Shouldn’t Do to Please Someone for Our Own Sake
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Another study indicated that people tend to travel for “social status and likes” rather than exploring the place. To provoke envy or impress others on social media, people often choose vacation spots that will provide a good backdrop for their Instagram photos.

It’s time we stopped looking at our fancy phones and DSLRs, to live in the moment and be grateful for what nature has to offer.

Impressing Your Date To Mask A Fear Of Rejection

6 Things We Shouldn’t Do to Please Someone for Our Own Sake

The modern age of dating has revolutionized this generation to impress each other with their so-called happy sides instead of being honest. This is because one or both partners spend time worrying about whether the other person likes them or not. Know that being honest always helps, because the right thing will always value your honesty and will never leave your side.

Not Being Your Authentic Self

6 Things We Shouldn’t Do to Please Someone for Our Own Sake
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Sometimes we go the extra mile to impress someone by doing more personal grooming, wearing fancy clothes, and being friendlier in general. This can be considered normal. According to research, sometimes we show ourselves just to survive.

But what doesn’t seem normal is when you become a totally different person to impress them and do things that you are not comfortable within the first place. That’s what you should stay away from.

Showing Off Your Relationship On Social Media

6 Things We Shouldn’t Do to Please Someone for Our Own Sake
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These days, couples love to show their relationship on social media to show each other and the world that their love is strong. One study claims that this urge to upload many relationship posts is called relationship visibility.

Couples who feel insecure about their relationship or may feel a bit sad for their partner use social media platforms for external validation to make themselves feel better.

In other words, positive comments from your network can relieve them of personal distress about the relationship.

Spending Extravagantly On Weddings

6 Things We Shouldn’t Do to Please Someone for Our Own Sake
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These days weddings are more about displaying wealth, impressing guests, or simply making “the moment” special. Well, we’re not suggesting that having one is a bad idea, but the research itself suggests that having a great marriage can increase your chances of getting divorced.

On the other hand, frugal marriages can result in happy and long-lasting marriages.

Have you or someone you know done everything you can to impress someone? Did it work? What lessons did this teach you? Share your story with us in the comments below.