Men and women can be very different. You can see this in the little things and the important things. Here are some examples that we noticed.

So, men and women …

Men vs Women

10. Yawn Differently

10 Things Men and Women Do Differently
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Most of the time, men cover their mouths with their fists when they yawn, while women use open palms, probably because it is considered more elegant and “feminine”.

9. Undress Differently

Men and women take off their clothes in different ways. Most of the time, men put their arms behind their spine using their collar.

The women cross their arms in front, pulling off their clothes whilst gripping the hem and turning them inside out as they do so.

Men might use either method, but women only use the latter. This is not because we’re taught to undress differently; instead, it is the result of the fact that most women’s clothing is more close-fitting, and using the ‘male’ method just doesn’t work.

8. Show Their Hands Differently

When asked to show their hands, men (as long as they have nothing to hide!) Always show their palms, while women, for some reason, always proffer you the back of their hands. 

7. Throw Balls Differently

Men generally throw balls over and behind their heads, while women throw balls up and down while holding them with both hands in front of them. Why? Nobody knows!

6. Sit Differently

10 Things Men and Women Do Differently
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Women generally sit cross-legged and often wrapping their legs around each other. Men generally prefer to spread themselves out. This is in part because most men and women wear different types of clothing; It is generally not considered a good idea for a woman to sit in the ‘male position’ if she is wearing a short skirt.

For men, on the other hand, their instinctive sitting position is rooted in evolution: this is the typical pose of an ‘alpha male’ demonstrating his masculinity.

5. Hear Sounds Differently

10 Things Men and Women Do Differently

Women have a keener sense of hearing than men and are experts at picking up high-frequency sounds. Surprisingly, the female brain is “programmed” to hear a child’s cry, whilst a majority of men will sleep right through it as if nothing happened.

And if a kitten meows somewhere, a woman is more likely to hear than a man. Yet just as fascinating, men can discern the direction from which a sound comes better than women. So he’ll tell her where the kitten is hiding!

4. Distinguish Between Right And Left Differently

Men never mix right and left, since the most active part of the brain is the right or left hemisphere, never both. However, if you ask most women what the left hand is, you won’t get an instant answer.

Often they look at a ring or think with which hand they write, to remember. That is why men around the world complain that women cannot tell left from right!

3. Tie Bathrobes Differently

10 Things Men and Women Do Differently
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Women often tie the bathrobe tightly around the waist, while men tie it around the hips. Some say this is because women want to emphasize their figure even when wearing loose clothing, while men don’t mind. Others find it more comfortable for both of them. What do you think?

2. Interpret Feelings In Different Ways

It’s said that a woman can interpret visual, verbal, and any other signals that people emit almost instantly. When a woman enters a room full of strangers, she often watches closely and can discover who gets along with whom, who falls in love with whom, and what someone’s mood is.

When a man enters a room, he quickly checks his surroundings, determines where the exits are, looks for familiar faces, and tries to discover who is a threat or a potential enemy.

Also, men often cannot understand when a woman is offended unless she says so directly, but usually expects him to read the subtle cues she is giving out instead. 

1. Deal With Tasks Differently

Men can generally focus on a single task at any given time. If you try to talk to him while he shaves, there is a good chance he will get cut.

On the other hand, many people believe that women can handle multiple things at the same time. Again, the reason for this is in the various ways that the brains of men and women function and in the influence of ancient and socially determined roles.

Thousands of years ago, if a man didn’t focus on hunting, his family could go hungry. And if a woman focuses entirely on picking berries and roots, her children might end up in danger.

Remember, there is no need to worry too much about these differences; on the contrary, we should be happy that they exist. As they say, opposites attract, and that is what creates the magic we all know as love.

Based on material from: XXLedy and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus