If you believe that the life of the rich is easy, you have never faced their specific problems. We found 10 embarrassing situations that they usually find themselves in.

10. Wealth and popularity can be much more than a hassle. It’s good that someone invented the “invisibility scarf” against annoying paparazzi.

9. You complain of knotted earphone wires, but too much money causes even greater problems for people.

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8. And then they spend hours deciding which watch best matches which car. Or vice versa.

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7. Then there is the job of looking after each trifle in your home, and it’s so tiring.

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6. Accusing rich people of being lazy is unfair. Cleaning costs much more for them because gloves always are torn.

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5. One person cannot do all the cleaning, of course. That is why a professional should wash every stone.

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4. After all these problems, wealthy people get so tired that they fall asleep on their soundproof massage table.

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3. They can’t even relax. How do they play cards with these?

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2. Sometimes they want to get on a plane and fly away from their problems, but they just can’t escape them.

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1. You still want to be a millionaire, right? So Richard Branson’s advice is for you: “Start off as a billionaire, and buy yourself an airline.”


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