Unsafe behavior is toxic and can make our lives miserable. If we don’t notice low self-esteem in time, we can miss out on many opportunities or it might even take us on a downward spiral.

The good news is that there are certain qualities that can indicate that you are not always confident enough.

We believes that mental health is important. That is why it is good to learn the 6 signs of low confidence to overcome it before it causes any problems.

6. You’re Excessively Positive

6 Things That Scream, “I’m Insecure About Myself”
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While it’s good to stay positive, sometimes people can hide their emotional insecurities behind their smiles. Sometimes people use this as a distraction from something that is bad.

Like when you call a friend who has had a rough day if they’re self-confident enough, they’ll talk about their troubles honestly.

Otherwise, they will focus on the good things that have happened, distracting themselves from dealing with real problems.

5. You Want A Perfect Result Each Time

6 Things That Scream, “I’m Insecure About Myself”
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Perfectionism can be the result of low self-esteem. A person who is never satisfied with themselves cannot accept the results they get and can get stuck in a task for a long time, trying to get an ideal result.

For example, a person with low self-esteem will be anxious because the room will not be clean enough and the guests will not be satisfied.

So instead of spending 30 minutes cleaning, these people will spend hours making sure everything is shiny.

4. You Can’t Accept Feedback

6 Things That Scream, “I’m Insecure About Myself”
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If you are unsure, when someone reviews your work, you may think that the comments refer to you personally, not the task you have completed.

As a result, feedback can be very difficult to accept. The next time someone gives you feedback, try to focus on the valuable information provided, such as what can be done better.

And make sure you don’t deny your merits when someone praises you.

3. It’s Important For You To Share Your Achievements

6 Things That Scream, “I’m Insecure About Myself”
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Sharing an optimistic side of our life has become especially easy with the help of social media. But remember, if you see someone actively showing the good things in their life, maybe that person is just looking for approval and acceptance, and their feelings depend on it.

While it’s normal to share good things with others, this shouldn’t increase your feelings of self-worth. Our family and friends love us regardless of our recent promotion, our fashion sense, and our hobbies.

2. You Can’t Say No

6 Things That Scream, “I’m Insecure About Myself”
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These types of people do not hesitate to get on a bus around the city to take care of their friends’ children, even after a long and exhausting day at work. It’s great if you want to help others, but if people are using you, it’s time to stop.

Every time you help someone on your own, your mind thinks that what you want is unimportant. Imagine how your life would change if you stopped agreeing to do all these unnecessary favors.

Not only will people begin to respect you and your limits, but you will also have a better sense of self-worth. Also, think about all that extra free time you will have to enjoy the things you love and deserve.

1. You Need Reassurance About Everything

6 Things That Scream, “I’m Insecure About Myself”

Some people cannot cope with anxiety in the short term, so they constantly ask for approval and support from others.

Sometimes it can ease your worries, but in the long run, it’s a sign that you can’t handle things alone.

For example, if someone has just bought new clothes and wants to share photos with other people to ask how they are doing, it can be a sign of low self-esteem.

Do you feel confident enough about yourself? What makes you think someone has self-esteem issues?