Married women experience more stress than single women. They have a huge burden: work, parenthood, and marriage. Stressed wives are more likely to experience headaches, fatigue, and anger. Parenthood is also very stressful.

Surprisingly, husbands contribute more to wife stress than sons. According to a study, 46% of wives say that children create less stress than their husbands and it is not related to betrayal or abuse.

We means how husbands influence their wives and how to avoid negative consequences such as stress.

A Husband Acts Like An Extra Child

Studies Show 3 Reasons Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Children
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The truth is that men behave like children until they are 43 years old. This is expressed not only in their frivolous attitude towards some subjects and in their behavior, but also in their interaction with his children.

“A 7-year-old will be a 7-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a 7-year-old is more stressful because they should know more, ”said one of the interviewees during this survey.

Most of the time, parents have fun with their children. As a consequence, the father is seen as a friend, a holidaymaker, an accomplice of fun ideas that allows everything.

Mothers are more concerned with problems related to the education, discipline, health, and educational development of a child.

Women follow the daily routine of their children more, give them instructions, and prohibit any mischief. Mothers, in turn, appear to be the “bad cop”. This affects their relationship with their children and can lead to conflicts between the parents themselves.

Studies Show 3 Reasons Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Children
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Better to stay with the unit. If one parent forbids something for a child, the second parent should support that decision. It is necessary to act together and agree with the prohibitions and permissions that they impose on their children.

It is also important to share the responsibility for the daily care of children equally. A child cannot join the swim team, choose vitamins, and make a medical appointment on their own, but a father and mother can.

And this is where the husband can help and lighten the weight of his wife. So mothers themselves can stop focusing on the mistakes their children make, stop trying to control everything, and sometimes participate in their children’s games with their husbands.

Household Chores That A Woman Does Become Overwhelming

Studies Show 3 Reasons Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Children
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One study found that one in five mothers says that not having enough help from a spouse is a major source of daily stress. Wives spend more time doing housework, while husbands spend more time relaxing.

Women’s duties include not only cooking and cleaning, but also paying bills, shopping at the market, and planning the budget. These activities are very important to the family’s support structure but can be overwhelming for one person.

This is not the easiest and most enjoyable job. Doing housework creates more stress for both genders than office work because they feel more appreciated there. If the wife takes care of the house alone, her stress increases.

Studies Show 3 Reasons Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Children
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The simplest and most obvious answer is that the husband can help his wife with the housework. Equally shared domestic responsibilities are one of the main reasons for a successful marriage.

A Woman Feels Guilty And Lacks Free Time

Studies Show 3 Reasons Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Children
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Considering all the duties of wives described above, they may feel like they have no free time. Especially if they also work full time. At night, after working hours, they must be attentive to each member of the family and perform all household tasks.

This feeling leads to time stress. Women try to get everything done within the stipulated 24 hours, but due to rushing, mistakes can sometimes happen.

The responsibility for the children, the husband and the home rests with the woman, and she may feel guilty when something goes wrong. Stress can be caused by guilt.

One respondent said: “I feel like I am discovering a lot about being a single parent, without the help of my husband. It stresses me out because when something goes wrong, it’s my fault. “

Studies Show 3 Reasons Husbands Stress Their Wives More Than Children
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So that the wife does not feel stressed by lack of time and guilt, the husband can share with her not only the housework and childcare but also the responsibility of the family as a whole.

There are 2 adults, not just a wife. When spouses discuss problems, make decisions together and both are responsible for them, it helps them to come together and solve many problems.

Women can develop their time management skills. Remember that stress can lead to divorce and have a negative effect on health. Therefore, it is important to do everything possible to create less stress in the life of your beloved family.

How are responsibilities shared in your family? Do you feel stress at home? Share your story in the comments.

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