Have you always wanted to be able to whistle, but never knew how to do it? Well, today you will finally know the solution. We found the ultimate instructions for you.

Form the letter ‘A’ with your index and middle fingers, with the remaining fingers bent as if you were making a fist.

Lightly Suck your lips by wrapping them around your teeth. It may take several tries to figure out exactly how much you need to tighten on your lips.

Now you need to move your tongue to the correct position. With your fingers, gently press your tongue back into your mouth and gently press the tip downwards. It should end with a ‘curve’ formed by your tongue. The fingers should not be more than a quarter in the mouth.

Breathe out through the air passage that’s formed in your mouth. If it seems like air is passing through your lower lip, you did it correctly. If it appears to pass over the upper lip, you should reduce the air passage size with your fingers.