According to the stylist and author of the book Color Your Style by David Zyla, “Even if your wardrobe is full of garments in the most varied colors and shades, there is always the color you prefer the most because you feel more comfortable and confident with it. It is the color itself that reflects your character. “

After analyzing the findings of many experts, we show how your favorite color characterizes you in the eyes of the people around you.


Psychologists Point Out 6 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality
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“Black is a color that is taken seriously,” says Karen Haller, fashion and style expert.

In fact, according to research in the field of psychology, the color black is perceived by others as an indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence. Therefore, in many European universities, the graduation mantle is colored black.

People who prefer to wear black are ambitious, objective, but also sensitive. As a rule, they are emotional and easily aroused, although they often try to disguise it.

The color black helps them divert attention from the environment from their appearance to the personality since the internal qualities of a person are very important to them.


Brown is the color of the earth, the color of something reliable, strong, and stable. This is how others perceive people who wear brown and its shades.

Anyone who likes to wear brown is a bit conservative, respects their elders and always seeks peace, stability and strength in everything.

A girl in a brown dress or a man in a brown coat gives the impression of being a reliable, intelligent, and rational person.


Psychologists Point Out 6 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality
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Journalist and psychologist Lisa Johnson Mandell wrote: “Blue is the best color to wear in an interview because it conveys confidence and reliability. Therefore, many uniforms or work suits are blue.”

Scientists at the University of British Columbia conducted a study on the influence of color and found that darker shades of blue have a calming effect.

People tend to associate the color blue with intelligence, confidence, efficiency, and calm.

The blue shades of clothing are usually chosen by kind, sympathetic, courteous, and even shy people. As psychologists say, the person in blue will become a wonderful parent or an exemplary worker.

Calm and balance are two of the most common qualities found in this type of person.


Psychologists Point Out 6 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality
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Scientists at the University of Amsterdam say that the color green sustains a good mood within you and your surroundings.

“The kindness of green comes from its relationship with nature, which brings a sense of peace and satisfaction,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of the book More Alive With Color ‘.

Those who prefer green lead an active public life, always live in a good area and are financially stable. They are also considerate, kind and warm-hearted.


Psychologists Point Out 6 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality
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In the past, purple used to be a representation of royalty and high society. It meant sophistication, wealth, and luxury. Cleopatra was known to be crazy about the color purple. During those times, only the wealthy could afford to wear these shades of purple.

Today, the color purple when used in clothing indicates creativity, perception, and a love of art.

According to experts, people who wear purple are emotional and sensitive. They are dreamers, passionate, and love mysticism.

These people are also known to be unpredictable and dealing with them can be easy and difficult at the same time.


Psychologists Point Out 6 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality
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“Red is the color of passion and power. You should give preference to this color if you want to persuade or impress someone, ”says Kenny Frimpong, manager of the Italian menswear brand Eredi Pisano.

Any bright shade of red draws attention to the person wearing them. People tend to associate vibrant color with energy, movement, and emotion.

Psychologists at the University of Rochester found that men are more attracted to women who wear ruby ​​tint.

“Red is a stimulant for men,” says Abby Calisch, a professor of psychology at Eastern Virginia School of Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia.

Those who usually wear red are bright, easily excitable, a bit self-centered, and also prone to addiction.

Which of these colors do you prefer to use? Do our personality descriptions match your character? Let us know in the comments!