About 68% of households in the US have a pet, according to statistics. 36.5% of them have a dog, while 30.4% of households have a cat. Dogs seem to maintain their position as man’s best friends, however, owning a cat can indicate a lot of interesting facts about its owners.

We looked carefully at the latest study on pet owners (cats in particular) and is eager to share its unexpectedly interesting results with you.

Our Pets Are A Reflection Of Our Lifestyle

According to a New Study Cat Owners Tend to Be More Intelligent
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In addition to cats’ incredible abilities to help humans reduce stress, overcome difficulties, and cope with losses, having a fluffy feline friend says a lot about your overall character and personality.

Surprisingly, people tend to choose pets that complement their lifestyle and match their habits. And a recent study from three major universities (University of Florida, Carroll University, and Marquette University) explains why.

It’s Research-Based

According to a New Study Cat Owners Tend to Be More Intelligent
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Samuel D. Gosling of the University of Texas at Austin was the first to come up with the idea of ​​comparing dog owners to their pets.

He managed to sketch out some common ground between humans and his best friends, but the cat people weren’t on his list.

Next, Denise D. Guastello, associate professor at Carroll College, along with Andrea D. Guastello and Stephen J. Guastello, conducted a unique and large study that compared the personalities of people with dogs and cats.

The main idea was to understand the relationship between human personalities and their preferences for a species of pet.

The Differences Between Dog And Cat People

According to a New Study Cat Owners Tend to Be More Intelligent
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About 600 undergraduate students participated in the study, where psychologists evaluated 16 psychological factors. These factors include reasoning, warmth, emotional stability, liveliness, dominance, etc.

Based on the participants’ responses, the study showed that students who owned a dog were more outgoing and extroverted, while those who owned a cat were more sensitive and creative.

There is another characteristic that researchers have identified in cat owners: despite their sensitivity, these people are always capable of defending their interests and their point of view.

It’s All About Intelligence

According to a New Study Cat Owners Tend to Be More Intelligent
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Perhaps the most interesting trait detected is intelligence. This paper states that people who like cats score higher in reasoning (i.e. general intelligence) than people who like dogs. Surprise !!!

Do you have a dog or a cat? Can you confirm the results of this study? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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