You may have heard of a bossy and confident alpha male once or twice in your life. It seems that this type of personality is the center of attention of men and women.

Men are taught to behave like alphas, however, there are some who do not care about the rules and still manage to be attractive.

So, believe it or not, alpha males may not be all that they claim to be. We introduce another guy, known as the sigma man.

What A Sigma Male Is

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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A sigma man is a man who does not need validation from other people. It is not loud or impetuous, but calm and controlled. A sigma man is introverted but confident.

Sigmas are out of the ordinary and generally do not fit into groups because they themselves are uncommon.

Alpha Male Vs Sigma Male

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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Sigma and alpha males are the same and share many characteristics in common. They both trust their life choices and aim high. The main difference is in their attitude.

Sigmas choose to stay out of the hierarchy, while Alphas prefer to be on top. The latter achieve success by climbing the ladder of the hierarchy.

Sigmas, on the other hand, do not belong to any tribe. They do everything on their own.

Traits Of A Sigma Male

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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They don’t care about expectations:

Alphas are at the top, Betas are followers and sigmas, well they just don’t fit the mold. Hierarchy is nothing to them and all the norms and tendencies that society sets (and alphas in particular) are meaningless to sigmas. You can’t tell them how to dress or how to act. They do what they want.

They’re rule breakers:

Like alphas, sigma males fight authority. Sigmas are generally autonomous and hold peace and flexibility in high regard. It is better for them to work on their own because they have no problem managing their time and organizing.

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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They don’t seek validation:

Sigma men do not depend on luxury to feel complete and successful. They do not try to value themselves with expensive things because they understand that materialistic things cannot replace self-esteem.

So they drive what they like, use what they prefer, and don’t do what the alphas tell them to do. “You do you” is their motto.

They don’t open up to everyone:

Sigmas don’t boast about their achievements or big dreams on social media. Their passions are private. People often find them cautious and reserved.

It takes a long time to know the sigmas. They do not feel the need to share their personal information. They need ego stimulation and validation like fish need bicycles.

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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They’re leaders that remain humble:

Sigma males are lone wolves, however, given the right circumstances, they become powerful leaders. They inspire others with their passion and dedication. Sigmas in high positions are never tall and powerful, which is why they are respected.

They prioritize their own lifestyle:

Sigma men are demanding about their routines and nothing is worse for them than a controlling person. They do not adhere to other people’s expectations. Sigmas change only if they really want to.

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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Why They’re So Popular

Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular
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A sigma man has a veil of mystery around him, which makes him intriguing. It’s hard to ignore their intelligence and independence. Sigmas never follow the crowd and don’t seek approval.

This is what makes this guy so attractive to men and women. On the other hand, it may just be another trend that will pass on its own.

The definition of a sigma man has generated a lot of confusion online. Some men find it ridiculous, while others look for ways to become one.

Do you think men can be classified into alphas, betas, and sigmas?

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