Gone are the days when dark skin was despised. Today, dark skin is considered sexy, glamorous and beautiful. But, like all other skin types, dark-skinned people also need the perfect touch up to show their true beauty. The correct lipstick tone can make or break your appearance, regardless of your complexion. If you are a dark-skinned beauty, this article will help you select the right lipstick shade.

Best lipstick colors for women with dark skin

Remember, earthy colors are your best friend! However, many other colors can also work with dark skin. Try these lip colors and get ready for the show!

#1. Copper Brown:

Brown covers look very attractive and sensual in dark women. Different shades of brown copper blend naturally with this complexion. This tone works with all kinds of dresses and events.

#2. Red:

Red is a universal favorite. It looks equally attractive, warm and seductive for darker women. Line up your lips with a matching lip liner and fill the red tone inside. Add some shine on the top and you will be ready to light some hearts! Red adds a lot of drama to the already striking features of dark skin. Ignore your uncles and aunts and enjoy the mystery of red on your lips.

#3. Rose pink :

Yes, bright pink tones are unique tones of your skin. Delight the world with creamy shades of coral pink/rose pink slightly lighter and creamier. You will find a variety to explore among the different shades of pink. Customize your street look and become the girl next door with a variety of shades of pink lips.

#4. Taupe:

Taupe will highly compliment your skin if your skin is a little deeper. This tone is perfect for dark-skinned beauties. Add shine to taupe gray sets the stage for dark-skinned women.

#5. Magenta:

Do not confuse between pink and magenta. While the pink rose addresses the lighter and quieter shades of pink, the magenta is its highest counterpart. This tone combines with the dark skin tone of Asians, dark Africans, and African Americans.

#6. Fuchsia:

Are you still worried about pink lips and light skin? Put aside your worries and try this amazing lipstick tone. You can explore all shades of this color from light to dark. This lip color adds mystery to dark skin. Surprise the world by being a mysterious black princess with spectacular fuchsia tones.

#7. Chocolate brown:

Chocolate brown is different from copper brown. While copper brown is lighter, chocolate brown is deep and dark. Combines with dark skin tone and looks natural. If you want a simpler appearance, try the chocolate brown tone on the lips. It looks modern and sophisticated.

#8. Peach:

Just as natural pink has always been considered an exclusive color for light-skinned women, there is a color that dark-skinned women often wear. It is the real peach color. The peach complements all variations of darkness. Without a doubt, it is one of the best shades of lipstick for dark-skinned women!

#9. Bronze:

This metallic tone is the lifeline of dark-skinned women. It looks elegant and not tall. It looks attractive and does not look natural or exaggerated. You can use bronze during the day and you can also use it as a night shadow. However, it is still fun to keep red, the color of the party, at night.

#9. Nude:

Do you like to keep it soft, simple and formal? Do you still want a diva look without makeup? So shadow is the shadow for you! You can add a lot of drama, depth, and desire to your appearance by merging bronze and naked. Line your lips with bronze and fill the rest with nudes.

These were some of the shades of lipstick for dark skin! Darker women sometimes end up with wrong lip shades. Always remember that the peach is different from the orange and the naked one is different from the copper. For the rest, simply present your best shadow and impress the world!

What is your favorite lip color? Share your choice with us.

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