Why Japanese People Wash Their Faces for 10 Minutes

Getting healthy and clean skin takes time, and the Japanese have created their own ritual of how to look flawless and get rid of skin problems. The technique takes 10 minutes and has 3 main steps that can make your face glow.

We keep trying new things to stay young and would love to share with you some secrets that the Japanese use.

Many Asian People Have A 4-2-4 Method Of Cleansing The Face

Why Japanese People Wash Their Faces for 10 Minutes
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The 4-2-4 method is a special system divided into stages by time.

  • Start with oil for 4 minutes.
  • Only after that, you can use a cleansing cream for 2 minutes.
  • And the last step is to rinse for 4 minutes.

One expert says that if you use this cleansing method, you don’t need to wash your face in the morning, just at night. Also, you don’t have to do this every day. 4 times a week is enough.

First 4 Minutes: The Oil Phase

Why Japanese People Wash Their Faces for 10 Minutes
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The fat phase aims to improve circulation by massaging the skin for 4 minutes. It also smooths the topcoat and helps to unblock clogged pores. It is essential to choose the right oil that can stay on top of the face.

For example, jojoba oil will be absorbed through the skin. It is best to use castor oil, which helps to remove stagnation and flush out toxins. Be careful when massaging the skin if you have any trauma or contraindication.

Second 2 Minutes: The Cream Cleanse Phase

Why Japanese People Wash Their Faces for 10 Minutes
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After massaging your face, apply a little cleanser over the oil. Experts say they prefer cream cleansers over foam or gel because they don’t dry out the skin as much. Cleanse the face for 2 minutes with gentle movements so as not to damage the face.

Third 4 Minutes: The Rinse Phase

Why Japanese People Wash Their Faces for 10 Minutes

Start with warm water for 2 minutes and finish with cold water for another 2 minutes. Warm water can help remove excess oil from the skin and increase blood flow to the surface.

Cold water can help tighten your pores. This technique helps to hydrate your skin so that, after the procedure, your face will shine.

What is your technique for cleaning your face? What tips do you have to help you make your skin perfect?

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