It seems that love not only leaves us elated and has butterflies in our stomachs, but in general, it has a great influence on our entire body, whether it is blushing and sweating excessively or undergoing hormonal and psychological changes.

Sometimes these symptoms can be so obvious that you can easily tell when a person is in love with you, even if they are pretending to be indifferent.

We put together some resources and “symptoms” to help you understand when you are falling in love and how someone else feels about you.

6. Hormonal Changes

6 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You
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It is already known that a group of certain hormones is responsible for strong feelings. The release of these hormones causes people to experience romantic feelings and passions that they cannot control very well.

But the signs of love for men are different from those of women.

At first, their emotional and sexual preferences match: Men become more romantic, tender, and considerate due to oxytocin, while women experience a burst of energy and a heightened sex drive due to testosterone.

But sadly, when the hormonal level returns to its normal state, women feel inattentive and men lose the number of intimate moments.

5. Voice Changes

6 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You
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The changes in our body do not stop when the period of passionate love ends. For example, our voice still changes. According to a study, when a woman talks to her lover, her voice is subconsciously softer and louder.

On the other hand, other research has revealed that women can manipulate their tone of voice by making it lower with more vibrations to be more attractive.

But the fact is that men unconsciously prefer women whose voice is strong and “feminine.” It’s about our instincts – such a voice indicates that a woman is caring and trustworthy and ready for a long-term relationship.

A lower voice attracts men only physically, as it is primarily about sexual interest.

4. Uncontrollable Blushing

6 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You
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A guy or girl of your dreams comes into your life, smiles at you, and passes by. It may not look like something special, but your cheeks are already red and there is nothing you can do about it.

Modern psychologists have found that redness is really helpful and can make it more enjoyable. According to one theory, it is a natural reaction to the fear of being “discovered.”

Psychologist Ray Crozier interviewed many people about situations that make them blush and found that it generally involves the potential exposure of something private, unrelated to embarrassing situations.

The blush can be a physiological reaction to the shock that your secret can be made public. But how can you cause attraction to another person? It’s easy: in those cases, your flushed face shows that you want to avoid excessive attention, giving the impression of a shy and less narcissistic person.

And if we take into account that blushing is uncontrollable, we can say that it is one of the most reliable characteristics of honesty.

3. Men’s Bones Get Stronger

Here’s good news for men! Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles show that married men and men in long-term relationships (especially those over the age of 25) have stronger, healthier bones.

But here’s an important lesson: A relationship or marriage is happier when a woman is caring and supportive. During this test, it was discovered that if a woman was not tender and loving, great bone strength was not revealed.

2. Dilated Pupils

6 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You
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The eyes play a very important role at the beginning of a relationship, and the changes and movements of the eyes are the most reliable signs when it comes to understanding our mood while spending time with our loved one.

Scientists have already shown that pupil dilation depends not only on light, but also on our emotional state. That is why loving people look into each other’s eyes: they unconsciously try to see if it can be seen in the person they are in love with.

1. A painful State

6 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You
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Confusion, nervousness, mood swings, loss of appetite, and fatigue are also on the list of symptoms triggered by passion. Our bodies let us know that we are immersing ourselves in really strong feelings.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, can be one of the reasons for our suffering, because when a person falls in love, they experience many emotions and a lot of stress.

For example, the blood vessels in the stomach constrict and we feel nauseous. As a general rule, all unpleasant symptoms disappear when our relationship becomes more stable and there is no more uncertainty.

But sometimes these feelings can come back, like during a marriage or if something goes wrong in a relationship.

How do you usually perceive that you are falling in love? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.