These days, there are so many books on psychology that we couldn’t read them all, even if we wanted to. And a lifetime would not be enough to put all these tips into practice. And as far as we know, half of them could be a waste of time.

We decided to simplify the task and find out which psychological tricks really work. The bonus feature at the end of the article will show you a not so useful but interesting hack that you will definitely want to try.

I always smile when I see and approach or get approached by someone, so they immediately think that I am happy to see them. It makes me a lot of friends and it also helps conversations start better! © FriedPickIes / Reddit

If you encounter a grumpy and rude customer at work, make it clear that you appreciate their patience and understanding. They think to themselves, “You’re right. I’m super patient and understanding!”, Even if that’s not the case. © upperslide8 / Reddit

If someone is talking about a topic that I am already well aware of, to appear more humble and let the other person have the pleasure of expressing their knowledge, I will express what I know in the form of a question. © Boring_Lead62 / Reddit

If you are talking to someone, mimic their facial reactions in conversation. Smile when they do it, frown when they do it, etc. You have to make an effort to make it look natural and not like you’re imitating them on purpose, but if you are successful, they will think better of you. © Ser_Parzival / Reddit

Whenever someone shows or demonstrates something to you, open your mouth wide. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just one inch is enough. It makes you seem intrigued and fascinated by everything that is shown. © ConstableBlimeyChips / Reddit

10 Simple Psychological Tricks That Work 100% of the Time
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There was a girl at work I had a crush on, so every time we talked, I gave her some of her favorite sweets. I did this for weeks until she looked for me and made excuses to come see me before she left for the day. © thatdudefromPR / Reddit

Paris Hilton taught me that if someone asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it, do a bad job the first time and they won’t ask you to do it again. I have used this trick for the last 10 years and it always works. © thebroadisbored / Reddit

10 Simple Psychological Tricks That Work 100% of the Time
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I ask someone to do me a small, trivial favor before I ask for a big favor. © Sunsh1neMelting / Reddit

Sometimes being silent in a negotiation works to your advantage. Silence is usually uncomfortable, so the other party will offer something, filling the space of silence with words. I used it once to negotiate something with my boss. I declare my case. He hmmed and ummed for a bit to himself. I was silent and he relented. If he had filled that silence with more words, it might have given him time to think of a way to say no. © baabaaredsheep / Reddit

10 Simple Psychological Tricks That Work 100% of the Time
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Bonus: a not-so-useful but interesting trick

Look people in the eye and give them something. I was almost fired because I was talking to my boss and I handed him a garbage bag that I was holding and left. It took him a full minute to realize what had happened and I was already gone. The only reason they didn’t fire me is that I had no idea who gave it to them. He said if he found out they were gone. That was a month ago and I just got a raise and the Employee of the Month title. © Division__ / Reddit

What psychological tricks do you use in life?

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