If you’re not sure whether someone likes you or not, and you can’t ask them directly, we’ll give you some advice. Pay close attention to the way someone talks to you or the gestures they make. For example, if they pursue their lips while talking, it may show a feeling of discomfort or anxiety.

We want to help you be more attentive and able to feel when someone is not your biggest fan, so we collected 6 gestures that reveal people’s true feelings.

They Scratch Their Neck

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

Usually, this means that they are not sure about something or that they doubt what they are saying. Of course, this type of behavior can also be flirty, but when this is not the case, pay close attention to it.

Also, if their shoulders go up towards their ears, hiding their neck in some way, it secretly means that they do not agree with you or that they are not telling you the whole truth.

They Purse Their Lips

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

If you notice that their lips are pursed, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. If you are talking to them and they do, it may indicate that they are very uncomfortable in your presence.

But it can also mean that they don’t like the topic or question you’re asking. Try changing the subject and looking at their mouths again.

Also, biting or puckering their lips is a way  in which they can calm themselves if they feel anxious.

They Keep Their Distance

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

If they take a step back when talking to you, it may indicate that they want to maintain some physical or emotional distance from you.

In that case, it probably means that they are uncomfortable. We are not talking about personal space, which we all need, but you can feel it when someone is cheating on you on purpose.

Even the physical distance is an indication. And let’s be honest: we also avoid the ones we don’t like very much.

They Show A Fake Smile

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

Can you spot a fake smile? Pay close attention to the angles of their lips and the wrinkles around their eyes. A genuine smile involves tons of facial muscles.

So when someone actually laughs at your joke, you can see lines around the eyes. Fake ones don’t involve as many muscles and look tight and strained.

They Don’t Look You In The Eye

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

Lack of eye contact is, from the beginning, a bad sign when talking to someone. This may mean that they are not as interested in the conversation, that they are not attracted to you, or that their connection is not as genuine as you thought.

Also, they may be lying to you because avoiding eye contact is a sign that they are hiding something.

They Turn Their Feet Away

9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

If they are not too involved in the conversation and therefore in you, they will put their feet in a direction that is not directly in your direction.

Normally, along with the feet, the torso also rotates. Experts call this “ventral denial” or, in our own words, discomfort.

Did you notice any of these gestures? What would you do if you saw that body language when talking to someone?