It is completely natural that, from time to time, people doubt whether their relationship is what “it should be like.” Your family may be different from the family you grew up in, and that’s okay too.

We analyzed the signs of unorthodox relationships and found expert opinions on why many couples do not follow stereotypes and remain happy.

Signs of Perfect Relationship

5. You Don’t Talk a Lot

5 Signs That You Have a Perfect Relationship, Even If You Don’t Think So
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You can be together in silence for a long time. You don’t feel awkward and you don’t have to talk all the time. Dr. Roni Beth thinks that couples who manage to be together in silence, doing their thing, have a very special connection.

My father always told me that all I had to do to make friends was speak well, listen well, and keep your mouth shut. © Pretty*****Chalant / Reddit

Being able to be happy in a “strange” silence is, in fact, a true loving silence. It says everything that words cannot. © BigBossLittleFiddle / Reddit

4. You Go On Vacations Separately

5 Signs That You Have a Perfect Relationship, Even If You Don’t Think So

The number of people going on vacation without their partners is growing, with about a third of American adults admitting they are traveling alone.

It can even strengthen your relationship – if you really love your partner, you will miss them. At the same time, you can do whatever you want.

For example, you can visit museums while your partner is climbing mountains somewhere.

Last summer, I needed a break and my husband couldn’t take a break with me. I was very bummed but took a break without him. I spent the morning hiking alone in the mountains, went out for lunch, and did some shopping for myself, not my children. It was probably the most relaxing day off I have had in a long time. It gave me time to refocus and spend my sweet time enjoying the day. I didn’t have to wait for the kids or join them, and I didn’t feel rushed to go fast due to my husband’s busy schedule. It was my turn. And I think each couple needs to take a break without the other, even if it’s within a day, it’s a good thing.  © Lizzy White / Quora

3. Your Partner Doesn’t Spend Time With Your Family

5 Signs That You Have a Perfect Relationship, Even If You Don’t Think So

If your parents and partner get along, that’s great. But it is much less pleasant if you don’t like each other. However, this does not have to be a source of conflict.

Your partner doesn’t have to attend family dinners with their parents, but they can still love you and respect your family members. You just need to establish the ground rules as soon as possible.

Do not try to confront your parents with your partner and use them as a weapon to control him or her. © Matthew Joaquin / Quora

2. You Have Different Views And Interests

5 Signs That You Have a Perfect Relationship, Even If You Don’t Think So
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Dr. Mark White believes that people exaggerate the value of similar hobbies. In his opinion, common interests can only help people ignore their problems and prolong a relationship that is no longer viable.

Psychologist Diane Barth believes that most of us need someone other than ourselves to strengthen us and enrich our lives.

My partner and I do not like the same music, art, books, or hobbies, and we have very different friends, but we agree on the main things since he understands my ambition, he knows that I am not the type of housewife, things that matter. @ Anonymous / Quora

If you find someone who agrees with you on EVERYTHING and is like you, I think it would be very upsetting. I want a woman who will take me to new places, show me new things and introduce me to new foods, etc. I don’t want a twin of myself. @ Mark Taylor / Quora

1. You Argue Often

5 Signs That You Have a Perfect Relationship, Even If You Don’t Think So
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Sometimes when you are very angry with each other, you have arguments. Dr. Elizabeth Dorrance says that the people we love the most make the most of our negative emotions.

On the other hand, conflicts are good for relationships, because they indicate that you both need to change something. It is important to be able to end the conflict in a positive way and admit your mistakes.

I have friends who love to have intellectual battles with each other, this is how they connect and express their love. © Iwunderalot / Reddit

It doesn’t matter how angry you are with each other. You will still get out of your way or they will go out of their way to help you. I’m going to get very angry, but I’m going to make my wife my favorite dinner out of anger, even though I don’t want to eat. No matter how angry we are at each other (it usually only lasts for a short period of time), we will never sabotage or attempt to teach each other a lesson. It often ends with the two of us apologizing. Arguing and being angry is only part of the relationship and it is inevitable. It’s the way you handle it that sets you apart from a healthy versus a bad relationship. © kamikaziboarder / Reddit

When your partner takes criticism seriously, without trying to return it right away. If the reverse is also true, you 2 stand a great chance of going the distance. © SqueakyCleanNoseDown / Reddit

What is the definition of the perfect relationship for you?