If you feel exhausted and weak most of the time, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. One in five people feel tired at some point and, unfortunately, exhaustion is becoming the norm. The pace of the modern world involves constant work, stress, tension, and lack of adequate sleep and exercise. And all this affects the state of the soul. It hurts and you need help.

We want to draw your attention to the signs of a tired soul, which may seem insignificant but can create great discomfort and problems.

Being Tired After A Full Night’s Rest

6 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul

Having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning, even if you’ve had the right amount of sleep, maybe the first sign. You have recovered physically, but it is difficult to recover your soul with sleep.

As a result, chronic fatigue sets in and you spend the whole day struggling with yourself every time you need to do something.

Daydreaming And Escaping Reality

6 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul
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If you feel like you want to escape from reality and dream of a different life, your soul is giving you signs of exhaustion. You tend to think about the past and fear the future. The main thing is that you do not like the present moment and you try to distract yourself from it by all possible means.

But escapism can bring you harm, as you still have to get back to your daily tasks, and your dissatisfaction with life increases due to the mismatch of reality and your dreams.

Indifference And Lack Of Aspiration

6 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul
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Since you are constantly tired, you may not feel ready to do things, show indifference towards everything that happens around you, and even lose interest in what you once enjoyed.

You may not make sense of what you are doing and become listless with the results of your actions. These conditions create additional stress as you still have to fulfill your duties, even without energy or aspirations.

Abrupt Changes In Emotions

6 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul
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Dissatisfaction, fatigue, and indifference can affect your emotions. How often do you get angry, take offense at something small, or start crying or laughing unexpectedly for no reason? If mood swings like this occur regularly, it could be a sign that the soul is exhausted.

Life becomes more difficult with these emotional changes. And it forces you to seek conflict more than to try to achieve peace and understanding with others.

Pretending To Feel Well

6 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul
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Don’t think that hiding your pain and pretending to be okay is a good way to solve the problem. If you do, you are lying to yourself and others about your true feelings as everything inside you falls apart.

You do your best to smile and expend extra energy trying to create the illusion of joy when your soul is crying. But it’s tired and does not have the strength to pretend that everything is fine.

Feeling Lonely

6 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul
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If you direct all your anger and offense at the people around you, your relationships can become strained. When you pretend that you feel good, nobody knows the real state of things. All of this can make you feel lonely and alone with your problem.

You start to think that nobody understands you, nobody accepts you, and that nobody can help you. So you try to deal with everything yourself, fighting your condition day after day.

Have you ever felt that your soul was tired? How do you handle this feeling? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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