The comments of our relatives or loved ones are usually words of comfort for the soul that help us feel a little happier. But sometimes, your words can hurt. It is possible that they do not perceive something in the correct way, although it is a totally healthy habit and beneficial for our well-being.

Ideas about how to do things are embedded in social norms and many of them don’t make sense. That is why we made a compilation of some actions that usually have a bad reputation in the eyes of others, but that can be very good for those who practice them.

Improving Or Changing Something In Your Life

When we decide to make a change in our life or modify our habits, many times we can receive negative criticism from others along with comments such as, “You? Doing that? Yeah, right.” 

But being judged has nothing to do with you, it’s about the other person’s lack of self-esteem and your need to feel superior. You follow your path and, with effort, you will get there.

Staying Away From Toxic Family Members

Although people say that blood is thicker than water, family members can often cause more discomfort than happiness and feelings of home.

Walking away is the last option because it is better to solve problems first, but if you have reached that point, taking action is good for your mental health and emotional balance.

According to experts, it is best to accept that there are people who will never change, set limits, keep a certain distance and avoid conflicts without losing respect.

Making A Mistake

Making mistakes is part of learning, and being criticized when you accidentally make a mistake is pointless. In fact, by making mistakes we are gaining experience that will help us improve in the future, it will teach us to be more humble and we will be more self-critical and responsible for ourselves.

Asking About Having Children When Starting A Relationship

Yes, it may sound strange, and it’s not among the conventional things to talk about on a first date, but that’s when you decide to take it one step further.

Asking the other person upfront whether or not they plan to have children at some point will prevent problems later when you’re already in the relationship and discover something you don’t want. It is best to have the important things clear from the beginning to avoid disappointment.

Taking Care Of Children If You’re A Man

There are still many people who believe that women are the ones who take care of children or that they can do it better, but we know very well that every capable and functional adult is good at doing that.

Especially nowadays, since single parents are all the rage, it should come as no surprise that they are the only ones responsible for their children.

Wearing Sunscreen If You’re A Man

Although it may seem strange, there are men who refuse to wear sunscreen because they consider it makeup. And there are even those who are provoked by using it.

The reality is that this product is recommended for use by everyone over 6 months of age since it not only prevents sunburn but is also the only thing that protects us from skin cancer.

What things do you do that is good for you but that others criticize? What action do you think should no longer be frowned upon?