Our skin loses its elasticity with age, our muscles atrophy, and as a result, we have the classic symptoms of aging, such as flabby cheeks and chins. This result is unpleasant because a fuzzy face reveals all the years that we live.

It seems that there is only one way out: go to a plastic surgeon. But in reality, things are not so bad. You can get rid of these aging effects at home without going through expensive procedures like a facelift. Today we will talk about the best methods that can help correct sagging cheeks.

The Reasons For Getting Saggy Cheeks

You Constantly Use Your Phone

Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How to Fight It
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If you use your smartphone or tablet frequently, follow the news on Instagram, and chat with friends online, you will most likely see a “smartphone face” staring back at you in the mirror.

Excessive use of electronic devices can cause the user’s head to freeze while looking at the screen of their device.

According to a plastic surgeon named Dr. Mervyn Patterson, constant use of smartphones has dire consequences: a fuzzy face, wrinkles, and wonder.

You’ve Stopped Consuming Fatty Foods Completely

Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How to Fight It
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People who monitor their health often refuse to eat fatty or fried foods and this is great. However, the total refusal to consume products containing fat can negatively affect the condition of the skin.

Some fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, retain the elasticity of the cell membrane, help support the immune system and, according to some research, reduce the risk of cancer.

You Eat Too Many Sweets

There are many books that describe the harmful effects of sugar, and it appears that consuming too much sugar also affects the elasticity of the skin, which can start the aging process even earlier.

According to a popular theory, undigested sugar molecules can inhibit collagen and elastin in the skin. Therefore, the more sugar you consume, the more flaccid your skin becomes.

You Like To Sunbathe And Spend A Lot Of Time In The Sun

Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How to Fight It
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Ultraviolet rays are dangerous for the skin, especially the part of the radiation called UVA. This radiation penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, also known as the dermis.

Why is it so dangerous? The dermis is made up of 70% collagen, which is the natural shell of the face. UVA rays literally destroy that.

You Lost Weight Drastically

Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How to Fight It
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Sudden or drastic weight loss negatively affects your appearance. You may have gotten rid of the excess oil, but the excess skin will still be there.

So if you plan to start a diet and lose weight, you should make the process gradual. Experts recommend paying close attention to the skin on your face when losing weight and making use of firming creams and special exercises.

How Can We Fight Saggy Cheeks?


Creams and serums that are high in retinol and vitamin C help the skin produce natural collagen.

Gels containing aloe vera and peppermint extract improve blood circulation and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

Creams with a high SPF reduce the negative effects of the sun and delay aging.


Decorative cosmetics help conceal a fuzzy face and emphasize strong facial features. A dark outline applied along the chin line will make this area more vivid.

The main thing to remember is to choose the right shade of the cosmetic item, otherwise, your efforts will not be noticed by other people.

A Correct Diet

Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How to Fight It
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It is known that everything we eat is reflected on our faces. To keep the skin firm, nutritionists recommend consuming products that stimulate the production of natural collagen, such as lettuce, walnuts, avocado, asparagus, and fish.

At the same time, products that retain moisture in the body are strictly prohibited because they cause swelling and puffiness, deform the face and lead to ptosis.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How to Fight It
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Despite the complex name, lymphatic drainage massage can be done at home. It is recommended to perform a light peel with a cosmetic product containing fruit acids before starting the procedure.

Then apply some massage oil and warm the skin so that the muscles can be more easily influenced.

Lymphatic drainage massage should be performed along the main lymphatic drainage lines which you can see in the photo above.

It stimulates the elimination of toxins, eliminates puffiness and tightens the skin.

Do you know any other secrets to help keep the skin on your face firmer? Share them with us in the comments!

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