Washing and drying your hair seems like a daunting task. But in fact, many of us may be making many mistakes that can damage the health of our hair. Perhaps your hair care routine is a simple process of shampooing every now and then.

Or maybe you think you are doing everything right, but your hair still doesn’t look good. It turns out that some hair care mistakes you may be unknowingly making can come between you and the hair of your dreams.

We were surprised to find out how easy it is to go wrong when it comes to the hair care process. And we’ve rounded up some common mistakes that may be preventing you from having beautiful hair.

Hair Care Mistakes You May Be Making

You’re Washing Your Hair The Wrong Way

5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Making Everyday
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Washing your hair standing up in the shower can be convenient, but washing it backward can offer more benefits. If you have long hair, washing it inside out makes it easy to apply cleaning products to the hidden layers of your hair.

If you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, rinsing your hair inside out can help prevent breakouts by preventing hair products and hair oils from coming into contact with your neck and back and irritating your skin.

You’re Using Dry Shampoo Only On Dirty Hair

5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Making Everyday
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Using dry shampoo is a great way to refresh your hair when you don’t have time to shower, but it can actually do a lot more than decrease your hair. If you have fine hair, spraying a little dry shampoo at the roots can give you an instant boost and make it look fuller.

But don’t overdo it because using dry shampoo too often can lead to product build-up on the scalp and cause itchiness.

You’re Using Hair Conditioner For Too Long

5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Making Everyday
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The application of a hair conditioner is an essential step in the hair care routine, as it protects the hair cuticle and makes the strands softer and easier to detangle. But when it comes to putting it on your hair, less is more.

Applying conditioner to your hair for too long can feel heavy and make your hair look greasy. Leaving the conditioner on your hair for a maximum of 3 minutes is enough to reap all its benefits.

You Stick To The Same Shampoo

5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Making Everyday
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When you finally find the shampoo that works wonders on your hair, it’s tempting to use it all the time. But over time, your hair gets used to the same products and eventually they stop working.

Instead of stocking up on the shampoo that is used to beautify your hair, invest in 2-3 different shampoos and conditioners and change them according to the weather, water quality, and the feel of your hair.

You’re Putting Your Hair In A Bun When It’s Wet

5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Making Everyday
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You just got out of the shower, your hair is soaking wet, and putting it in a ponytail or bun seems like a convenient way to keep your hair out of your face.

But this seemingly harmless habit can damage your strands and cause them to break. Because hair is most vulnerable when wet, too much tension can weaken it and cause it to break.

Have you made any of these hair care mistakes? Do you know of any hair tricks that you would like to share with us?

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