Lately, more and more people are ditching shampoos and choosing more natural ways to clean their hair. This approach to beauty is called no-poo, and while it takes place in the bathroom, it has nothing to do with the bathroom. “Poo” is a shortened version of “shampoo,” and those who use this method believe that it helps keep hair shinier and healthier.

We were surprised to discover that washing your hair without shampoo has some impressive health and beauty benefits, and decided to dig deeper into this topic.

Your Scalp Will Be Healthier

While your favorite shampoo can leave your hair squeaky clean, having a little bit of sebum on your scalp is really good for your mane. Your scalp produces a balanced amount of oil that keeps your hair naturally healthy and hydrated.

Since the shampoo is meant to remove excess oil, overuse can damage hair and leave the scalp excessively dry.

Your Hair Might Look Fuller

There are many products on the market that promise to add volume to your hair, but not no-poo can actually help you do just that. Using too many products can really damage your hair and skin, and it will take a long time to fix this.

Less is definitely more when it comes to hair care, and ditching products with harsh chemicals can make your hair stronger and fuller.

Your Hair May Look Less Oily

When choosing a shampoo, you probably want to successfully remove oil from your hair. But washing your hair too often can make your locks look even more oily.

Every time you shampoo your hair, you stress the skin on your scalp, causing it to send the signal to produce even more sebum to calm down.

You Might Need Fewer Styling Products

Despite what shampoo commercials try to convince us, going no-poo might actually result in better-textured hair that doesn’t need sprays or gels to look beautiful.

The sebum and oil that your scalp produces are vital for your hair, and washing it off can really make for a bad hair day. If your strands are completely devoid of natural oil, they can look dull and be more difficult to style.

You’ll Be Less Exposed To Unhealthy Chemicals

Your favorite shampoo certainly smells amazing, but the artificial ingredients that give it that nice smell can be potentially harmful and irritating. And while these chemicals can help you get instant results, they can damage your hair and skin in the long run.

Sulfates found in many shampoos, for example, can irritate your skin and dry out your scalp, and phthalates can even throw off your hormone balance. Instead of shampoo, opt for safer and gentler ways to clean your hair, like baking soda or coconut oil.

Do you think that using shampoo is a fundamental step in cleaning your hair? Have you ever tried no-poo?

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