Bangs HairStyle is back! If you have long hair and are bored with your typical hairstyles, try to have long hair with bangs. They add freshness to your appearance and add volume to your hair. Here are 25 best long hair with bangs that will leave you breathless. But, before addressing all this, let’s see what type of bangs you should choose.

What face shape do Bangs HairStyle look good on?

All types of bangs do not look good at all. The style of your bangs depends on the shape of your face. But don’t worry, we protect you. Let’s take a look at which one you should opt for.

A. Square face


If you have a square face, keep the bangs straight and just below the eyebrows. Straight bangs, with feathers in the center, even in the form of the face.

B. Round face

If you have a round face, a straight arched explosion that ends just below the eyebrows will increase the smoothness of the face. Deep lateral explosions also work. A perfect example of this is actress Jennifer Lawernce. She looks awesome in this hairstyle!

C. Heart-shaped face


The side-swept arched bangs, which are longer on the sides, look amazing on the heart-shaped faces. The beautiful Reese Witherspoon looks stunning in this side-layer hairstyle, and you can too!

D. Oval face

If you noticed, Zoey Deschanel looks good with almost all styles of bangs. That is because she has an oval face. She is the face of bangs!

It also depends on whether you have a tall or short forehead. The way to verify this is to see if your forehead is smaller or larger than your nose. If your nose and forehead are proportional, you can try any of these styles and they will look great.

E. Long face

If you have a long face like the beautiful Nicole Kidman, short bursts are a no-no, since they will make your forehead look bigger. Try long bangs with central or side bangs and we promise you will look amazing.

F. Short Foreheads

If you have a short forehead, consider an inclined and longer bangs on one side. It improves the structure of your face, making it more prominent. Check out Emma Stone shaking a deep explosion. Epic indeed!

G. High Foreheads


If you have a high forehead, this is something you have in common with Angelina Jolie. All swept bangs are the way to go. Let the explosions begin at eyebrow level and narrow when they reach the sides of your face.

Now, let’s see how we can cut our own bangs. However, it is always better to let a professional do it.

How to cut bangs properly?

Things you will need:

  • A rat-tail comb
  • Scissors
  • Elastic clips and bands

For straight strokes

If you want a complete central explosion, take the front part of the hair and, with the help of a rat tail comb, place it slightly in a triangle shape and cut it evenly. If you want to fine-tune it, cut it just below the eyebrows and keep it long until it reaches the ears.

For side bangs

The way to hit the side is to make sure it is aligned with the eyebrows. That way, when you cut your hair, it cuts correctly and is not messy and is everywhere. When the first cut is finished, start cutting the remaining bangs for a while, giving it a comical appearance.

How do you make fake bangs?

You don’t want a haircut but an explosion? We have a solution for you! You can use extensions or simply prove a false explosion.

The best long hair with bangs look: how to add fake bangs

You will need elastic bands, pins or clips and, depending on the appearance of the bangs, you will need a curling iron.

  • First, tie the hair in a high ponytail. Then tie the rest of the pony in a bun, messy or elegant. Leave the ends undone. Secure the bread.
  • Then grab the ends and, using the pins, secure it on the front of your head. Roll them up if you want.
  • Fluff up your hair.

Best Way To Maintain Your Hair

  • Wash every two days with a shampoo that works well for your hair.
  • Trimming every three weeks; Hair with bangs tends to grow more.
  • Lubricate it regularly for nutrition. Lubricate the hair with hot oil and keep it for an hour before washing your hair.

Now, let’s get to it! Here are the 25 best long hairstyles with bangs for women.

Best Long Hairstyles With Bangs For Women.

#1. Long hair with side bangs

Rocky Messy Hair with side bangs. This look is fun and adds definition to your face. This is one of the best long haircuts with bangs.

#2. Long layers with side bangs

A layered cut with bangs gives the face a slightly longer look. Perfect if you have a round face and still want straight bangs.

#3. Long layers with side-swept bangs

Impressive with these long layers and swept side bangs. The strip will add an uneven appearance to the layers.

#4. The Emo bans

At some point, we all knew someone who had this haircut (or like me, I was that person). Hairy hair and uneven layers, with deep side bangs combined with black eyeliner, is the main aspect of a punk rockstar.

#5. Short bangs on long hair

Short explosions are straight central blasts that reach the center of the forehead. Short bursts, or baby, give more attention to the forehead and the shape of your face. Therefore, not everyone can take on this aspect. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, it is better to avoid this cut. People with oval faces can improve this aspect.

#6. Long straight Colored hair with bangs

If you want to change your look, try this look. Red bangs accentuate skin tone and eye color. This is a fun way to experiment with your color and cut. Try to sharpen the edges too to give more definition to the hairstyle.

#7. Long wavy hair with long wavy bangs

The long fringe of ocean waves that combines with your long wavy hair gives it a slightly vintage and soft look. If you have a long face, try this.

#8. Long hair Front bangs

The messy and uneven fringe with feathers in the center is perfect if you want a carefree look. This is the ideal aspect to get out of bed and swing.

#9. Thick and uneven side bangs under the side-swept bangs

If your usual look is sporty bangs and you have thick and delicious hair, try this look to add a little more jazz. For this aspect, make a triangular separation in the center, take the hair closest to the center point of the triangle and cut it. This hairstyle looks better with heavy layers.

#10. Long blond hair with traditional bangs

If you have or love blonde hair, try this classic hairstyle. The long and long bursts in blond and loose hair are amazing, whether to make a statement in the office or loose at a party.

11. Retro Bangs Long Hair With Bangs

Shout out to all the fans of the retro hairstyle! This is a fake rockabilly look. If you have long hair, this adds to the retro feeling. Sprinkle the strip with water and add some medium fixing gel. Using a hairdryer and a comb, turn the edges of the bangs inward towards the forehead.

#12. Feathered Central Bangs

If you are looking for something simple and straightforward, this is the place. This is the hairstyle ready for anything, be it a business meeting, a photoshoot (like the awesome Behati Prinsloo) or a party. Light wavy locks with thin front fringes in the center.

#13. Bettie Page Waves

Hi Bettie Page! The sharp and wavy bangs look great, especially if you have long, wavy hair.

#14. Straight Choppy Bangs

Irregular and irregular explosions are always in fashion. Combine it with straight hair, tied in a loose ponytail. This look is new, simple and ultra-elegant.

15. Full Straight Hair With Tapered Thick Bangs

If you have thick and full hair, try conical bang. Do not thin the hair, wear thick bangs. Let the center of the bangs reach just below the eyebrows and, as you move towards the ears, slightly lengthen the bangs.

#16. Slightly feathered bangs with a bun

If you are willing to try your bangs, try this one. Take a triangular piece of your hair and cut it tapered. Keep your hair close to your ears for a while. Paint the central part of a dark brown and continue using a lighter shade until you reach the hair near the ears. Make a bun and let the elegant bangs deserve it!

#17. Light wavy bangs

The light wavy bangs, up to or above the eyebrows, make you look younger and fresher. If you have wavy hair, try it.

#18. Very long hair with thick bangs

This is for women with very long hair. Look super cool with this trendy hairstyle. This layered cut combined with sharp bangs shows that long hair with bangs will never go out of style.

#19. Thick and curly bangs

Leave your bangs !! As a straight-haired girl, I just couldn’t take my eyes off this permanent bangs look. This hairstyle looks spectacular and playful as hell.

#20. Fine and slightly wavy hair with straight bangs

Redefined elegance! You are looking for one of the best summer hairstyles. This wavy and wavy haircut with feathered center bangs is so cold that you may not notice the heat this summer.

#21. Bun With Long Tapered Bangs

Irregular bangs are a complete #bossbabe. If you have a high forehead, try this. This marginal appearance deflects the focus of the forehead and accentuates the cheeks.

#22. Balayage Bangs

The balayage is here to stay. Straight bangs in a wavy balayage hairstyle: modern. It also gives your face a thinner look.

#23. Razor Side bangs

If you have fine hair, this hairstyle will work wonders for you. This shave cut with side bangs makes the hair look fuller and adds more focus to the entire face.

#24. Messy ponytail with bangs

If you are a carefree spirit, you will love it. The messy wavy bangs, due to external thinning, focus your eyes. Also, the colorwork is very good.

#25. Swept Frontal bangs

People with oval faces can work like crazy. This hairstyle is for thick hair. Try a shaving cut if you want your hair to be the focus of your appearance.

So, this is our list of hairstyle ideas for long hair with bangs. Cheer up and try these evil hairstyles and try to accentuate your look by adding accessories to your hairstyle. Try scarves, headbands, small combs, decorative pins, hats and hair clips. You can also add vitality to these hairstyles by adding a little color.

Let us know which was your favorite!