Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can increase the level of acid in your stomach and cause bloating. Such research is not new to us, but there are more habits that can mess up our digestive system than we are even aware of.

We wish you a good and healthy day and we have found 6 more things that can help you keep your stomach strong.

Drinking Orange Juice On An Empty Stomach

If you’re used to starting your morning with orange juice, it’s probably not the best option for you. In general, eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach can increase the risk of acid production which leads to abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, and heartburn.

Also, the fructose in fruit can slow down your digestive system if you consume it before a meal. Drinking orange juice can “burden the digestive system” and damage the “good bacteria” in the gut.

Washing Dishes With A Sponge

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Experts recommend using a plastic or silicone brush because they tend to dry out more when not in use. Sponges stay wet for a long time and can grow bacteria.

The brushes are also easy to clean and it is best to put them in the dishwasher once a week.

Leaving Dirty Dishes In A Dishwasher Overnight

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Experts say you should start your dishwasher within a day of loading it. Bacteria can live on dirty dishes for up to four days and need to stop spreading.

Yes, bacteria can only exist up to a specific temperature and dishwashers will kill them with warm water, but if your device is old, it’s best to avoid getting scratches.

Replacing Meals With Salads

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Vegetable salads are not as good as meal replacements, although they do have a lot of vitamins. It has no protein and a lack of it can lead to regulatory dysfunction.

Also, eating cold food all the time is not healthy for your stomach. It takes longer to digest and can cause problems. Also, if you take care of your gut and want to avoid bloating, puffiness, and cramps, you should eat more hot foods.

Eating Curd And Yoghurt At Night

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Curd and yogurt can worsen your digestion if you eat them at night. Indian experts say that especially people with heartburn and acid reflux should avoid it because the system is sluggish and ready for sleep and these products cause constipation.

Eating Different Type Of Fruits At The Same Time

Ayurveda does not recommend mixing different fruits, but eating them separately, because each fruit has its own acidity. Mixing all these sorrels can become dangerous for the stomach.

Different fruits digest at different rates, so if you’re suffering from bloating, it’s best to stop eating fruit salad.

Which point surprised you the most? How often do you replace a proper meal with cold foods?