Experts say that adults, on average, need 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to stay healthy. You can divide this number by 5 days, like a workweek, and you’ll need to exercise 30 minutes a day to reach the recommended goal. But our lives can be so busy that we can’t find free time to exercise, especially if we don’t enjoy it.

We believe that some exercise is better than no exercise, so we’d like to share ways you can fit some very simple exercises into even your busiest schedules. Multitasking has never been so easy.

The Busy Mom’s Exercise Schedule

Wall Push-ups

6 Simple Exercises Even Busy Moms Could Smash

You may instinctively associate the word push-up with the hardest thing you had to do in gym class at school, but don’t worry: wall push-ups are very different from floor push-ups, and just about anyone can do them.

The most interesting thing is that you can do them even while taking a shower, just be careful not to slip. This exercise engages many muscle groups in your body, including the triceps, pecs, hips, and abs.

Single Leg Stand

6 Simple Exercises Even Busy Moms Could Smash

Standing on one leg not only improves your balance but also helps you work on your core. You can easily incorporate this simple exercise into your morning and evening routine if you do it while brushing your teeth.

Stand on one leg for 60 seconds while sucking in your belly to activate your core muscles, then switch.

Standing Oblique Crunch

6 Simple Exercises Even Busy Moms Could Smash

This exercise is not only easy to do, but it is also one of those exercises that you can do while taking a shower. It targets your oblique muscles, improves balance, and burns more calories than sit-ups done on a mat.


6 Simple Exercises Even Busy Moms Could Smash

Walking is a very real and extremely underrated form of exercise. Experts say that, on average, we should take about 7,000 steps a day, but if that seems like too much, don’t be afraid to set your goal at a more realistic value: something is always better than nothing.

Going to the nearby supermarket on foot instead of driving a car can be a good place to start.

Standing Russian Twist

6 Simple Exercises Even Busy Moms Could Smash

This exercise targets the muscles that help stabilize the spine. Your standing variation is simpler to do and for more benefits, you can do this exercise with some weights, but keep in mind that “weights” don’t necessarily mean heavy dumbbells as they can be anything from a water bottle to a brick.

By adding weights, you help build more muscle (don’t worry, you won’t gain mass) and strengthen your bones.


6 Simple Exercises Even Busy Moms Could Smash

The name of this exercise is self-explanatory: you “kick” one of your legs backward. While this exercise is traditionally done on all fours, you can do it standing up, just lean against the nearest wall and bring your leg back, alternating sides.

Doing kickbacks helps you build up strength in your lower body.

What do you do to stay active? Do you find it very difficult to exercise?