Sometimes it is better to be hypochondriacal and pay attention to the little things in your body because they often help to identify and eliminate a dangerous disease at an early stage.

We collect a list of minor changes in appearance or behavior that can become the harbingers of a tragic diagnosis. Read carefully!

Signal of Dangerous Disease

7. In A Photo Taken With A Flash, Only One Eye Is Red

7 Minor Body Changes That Can Potentially Be Signs Of Dangerous Diseases
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Red eyes in flash photos are torture for those who like to take photos at night. In fact, they are just flickering blood vessels in a person’s eye.

And if one eye turned red and the other white, it means something is blocking the glasses. It can be a cataract, a walleye, an eye infection, or even an eye cancer, which is the most dangerous of all.

An American mother recently shared her son’s photo with a red-eye online. People who commented on the photo told him to go to specialists where the cancer diagnosis was confirmed.

So if you see a photo of yourself with red eyes from a party, go to the ophthalmologist!

6. A Black Line On A Nail

7 Minor Body Changes That Can Potentially Be Signs Of Dangerous Diseases
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Another photo that rocked the world of Facebook was that of a master manicurist who posted a photo of her client’s nail with a vertical black line.

The woman wanted to cover this line with nail polish. Thanks to the vigilant manicure that sent her to a clinic, doctors found skin cancer.

This line is called melanonychia, and it is not a disease, but a sign of a serious disease in the body. If you see it, go to the doctor right away.

Note: This line may be a sign that something serious is happening only in the body of European races, and maybe a norm for other races that should not be a cause for concern.

5. A Sudden Change In Handwriting

7 Minor Body Changes That Can Potentially Be Signs Of Dangerous Diseases

If a person’s writing has suddenly changed, it could be a sign of Parkinson’s disease or tremor paralysis. With this disease, handwriting can change abruptly, becoming irregular, small, and with decreasing or even disappearing letters

It is related to the fact that the person is trying to control hand tremor.

4. A Strong Need To Record Everything In A Journal

7 Minor Body Changes That Can Potentially Be Signs Of Dangerous Diseases
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Writing plans on paper is a good habit for a highly disciplined person. But if a person has never done this before and now suddenly feels the need to always write things down due to simple forgetfulness, it is a bad sign.

It may indicate that short-term memory has worsened and may be one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you have any suspicions about your relatives or are just curious, we recommend that you watch the movie Still Alice. Here you will see all the stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Periodical Flashes Of Light

Seeing sudden flashes of light in places and moments where they shouldn’t be can be a sign of eye retina damage.

If these flashes (generally described as “exploding stars” or “lightning”) are accompanied by headaches or dizziness, you should see a doctor immediately.

2. Unquenchable Thirst

7 Minor Body Changes That Can Potentially Be Signs Of Dangerous Diseases
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If a person has started to feel permanently thirsty and is drinking much more water than normal, it is a sign of intoxication. This can be caused by many factors, from a hangover to tumors poisoning the body.

Still, the most common disease with such a severe symptom is diabetes, so it is highly recommended to keep this body signal into account.

1. Pain In The Navel Area

7 Minor Body Changes That Can Potentially Be Signs Of Dangerous Diseases
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An attack of appendicitis is something that seems quite common, but terrible nonetheless. The most interesting fact here is that scientists still cannot discover the causes of this disease and tend to think that each person has their own reasons.

Still, there is an initial symptom of the attack common to most people: a sharp pain in the navel area that slowly moves to the right side of the abdomen within 2-4 hours.

This movement still has its own name: Kocher’s symptom. If you feel this, call an ambulance immediately.

If this hourly pain suddenly stops, there is no reason to relax, as you can be calm before the storm. The name of the storm is peritonitis, a deadly complication of appendicitis. Call an ambulance in any case.

Keep this information in mind and carefully observe your precious health. Never try to self-treat yourself; Always seek expert help.

Do you know of other small body changes that can be signs of dangerous diseases? Share them in the comments!