The basic principles of a healthy lifestyle seem to get stuck in our memory and become accepted truths. When your bathroom scale shows a higher number than you’re used to, all these truths appear in your mind.

You think they can help you get back in shape: jogging in the morning, eating at the same time, avoiding sweets, drinking lots of water. But do all these rules really work?

We collected 10 rules of a healthy lifestyle that should have been changed a long time ago.

Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle

8. Sleeping For 8 Hours

8 Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore
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Research by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has shown that a person needs 7 hours of sleep for the body to function efficiently and feel energized during the day.

Your body needs that time to gain strength and recover overnight.

7. Eating A Big Breakfast

8 Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore
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The richness and quantity of breakfast should always depend on the specific needs of each person’s body.

Food is only useful when you really want to eat it. So if you can barely eat in the morning, don’t torture yourself, just drink a glass of water.

6. Jogging In The Morning

Jogging is equally useful in the morning and at night, so if you don’t have the time or intention to run early in the morning, don’t do it.

Also, you should allow your body to wake up properly before running in the morning.

It is best to eat breakfast and wait at least 40 minutes before exercising. Otherwise, you could pass out, have a headache, or develop an irregular heartbeat.

5. Avoiding Sweets

8 Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore
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Eating sweets is really good for the human body because they contain glucose, a key element for the proper functioning of the brain.

This is why you shouldn’t completely eliminate sweets from your diet. But you can try to minimize the amount of sugar you consume.

For example, eat plain yogurt, drink hot, unsweetened beverages, or eat nuts instead of sweets.

4. Training Until You Are Drained

8 Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore

“If your body doesn’t hurt the next morning, it means you haven’t been exercising properly.” In fact, muscle pain after a workout occurs when the stress on your body was too great.

Muscle pain can also be a sign of muscle tissue injury. In that case, it is best to interrupt your training sessions until you fully recover.

3. Not Drinking Water During Meals

Water is an essential element for the proper functioning of the digestive system. If your body doesn’t get enough fluid, your stomach draws it out of your saliva.

That is why drinking water is good and necessary for your body. It will facilitate the digestion and absorption of food by the stomach.

2. Brushing Your Teeth After Every Meal

8 Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore
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We eat a lot of acidic foods during the day: lemon tea, pickles, salad dressings, etc. The remains of these acidic foods can damage tooth enamel.

Brushing your teeth immediately after a meal can make the damage worse. Also, frequent brushing can lead to gum pain and bleeding.

Don’t follow all the new rules you hear, just brush your teeth in the morning and at night like before.

1. Drinking 2 Liters Of Water Per Day

8 Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore
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The amount of water you drink during the day must be compatible with your weight: 30ml / kg. You should also pay attention to the following factors: weather conditions, humidity, and water loss during training.

As for maintaining the water balance in your body, you can also drink tea, coffee, juice, and other fluids.

Do you know of any rules for a healthy lifestyle that should have changed a long time ago? Share them with us in the comments.