Stress, anxiety, headaches, or drowsiness – everyone has their share of unpleasant moments. But the solution to this is quite simple: an ear massage!

It is a truly relaxing nervous sensation that can free your mind of problems and physical discomfort. And the best part is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, quickly, and easily.

We are always looking for interesting and beneficial practices for our readers. And this time, we are happy to tell you about this hidden collection of massages.

Pain In Your Muscles Gets Reduced

What Happens to Your Body If You Massage Your Ears Daily

An experiment was conducted to test and see if an ear massage could help reduce pain in people with chronic low back pain. And the results showed that this simple procedure is an effective way to reduce discomfort.

Gently pulling and rubbing different areas of the ears, especially the lobes, stimulates many nerve endings and can help the brain release endorphins.

These hormones are known to make us feel good and help relieve pain. In addition, they can improve blood circulation.

Some studies have even shown that thanks to these simple massage actions, people were better able to control their physical pain and even increased their pain threshold.

Your Stress And Anxiety Levels Decrease

What Happens to Your Body If You Massage Your Ears Daily

Another small study was conducted among patients during a period of IVF. The results showed that an ear massage is a good option in these types of stressful situations.

Massage the celestial portal tip of your ear in slow circular motions if you feel stressed, panicky, restless, tired, or irritated. This point is at the top of the ear, in the part that looks like a triangle-shaped hollow.

Your Headaches And Migraines Can Be Noticeably Relieved

What Happens to Your Body If You Massage Your Ears Daily

Although pain relievers can have serious and potentially destructive effects on your body and your health, ear stimulation is generally harmless. You can even combine it with some more natural remedies like peppermint tea for a better effect.

It Gives You An Energy Boost

What Happens to Your Body If You Massage Your Ears Daily

You can forget to use your morning coffee to wake up. Instead, you can try rubbing your ears a little more intensively. Stimulation of the nerve endings in the ears can activate certain centers in the brain and make fatigue go away.

You can also do this during the day when you feel like your tiredness is getting out of control and your energy level is low.

How To Perform An Ear Massage On Yourself

What Happens to Your Body If You Massage Your Ears Daily

Try these moves:

Gently pull on the top of your ear, supporting it with your thumb and forefinger. Slowly rub your fingers back and forth as you work towards the outer edge of the ear.

Stroke the crease behind the ear in a downward motion. You can also try tracing the outlines and curves of your ear: pinch the lobe with your fingers and gently move it up the ear.

Move the earlobe away from your head. Squeeze the lobe between your fingers again and make circular movements with them, slowly massaging the lobe.

Also, pull the skin behind the ear and move the outline of the ear downwards. You can do this until your fingers reach the jawline.

Place the palm of your hand over your ear to cover it completely. Press the ear and slide the palm down to make the top of the rear fold.

Cover the atrium with your palm again and begin making circular motions with your hand.

What other massage techniques do you know? Let’s share our experience in the comments!