We learned about the fundamental principles of self-care in childhood. Everyone understands the importance of washing their hands and brushing their teeth regularly. But often, we don’t even think about the hygiene habits that can actually be harmful to us. Even the way we dry our bodies after showering and cutting our nails is important.

We have made a list of widespread hygiene mistakes that many of us make.

We always start to brush our teeth in the same place.

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When we start brushing our teeth constantly in the same place, we pay more attention to the teeth that are brushed first. The last teeth we brush don’t get much attention because we tend to get bored by the time we get to them.

Therefore, dentists advise not to get used to the same brushing pattern and always start with different teeth to clean them more evenly.

We wash our face after engaging in physical activity, not before.

Experts believe that it is more important to wash before exercising. It’s best to remove makeup or dirt beforehand, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning your skin after you exercise.

If you don’t, you’d better not wipe the sweat off your face after you exercise; otherwise, you risk clogging your pores. It is enough to gently dry the skin with a cotton towel.

We cut wet nails.

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Wet nails are softer than dry nails, so trimming them may seem easier. But in fact, this method brings more inconvenience, since the nails bend, and the cut turns into a tear. The jagged edges of the nails can stick to clothing, which can damage both. That is why it is better to cut your nails dry.

We rely on the effectiveness of wet wipes.

Antibacterial wipes kill germs, but only with clean hands. If the skin is covered in dirt or oil, the alcohol in the wipes will not be able to penetrate the skin. Regular hand washing will be more reliable in this case.

Baby wipes do not contain enough alcohol to kill viruses and bacteria.

We dry our bodies too much after showering.

Experts do not advise drying off after showering. With a towel, we remove the dead cells that protect the skin. Instead, it is better to wait for the skin to dry on its own or gently pat it dry with a towel rather than rubbing it.

We use scented pads and tampons.

Scented feminine hygiene products can upset the skin’s pH balance and cause irritation. It is worth choosing hygiene products that do not contain additional chemicals, such as fragrances.

Which of these habits do you have? What else would you add to the list?

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