Swollen and lumpy veins can occur in almost anyone and, although they are not usually dangerous, they are very unpleasant to have. While they can’t always be avoided, there are some actions we can take on a daily basis that can cause our veins to swell.

We think it’s easier to make big changes in small steps. And we’ve done a bit of research to find out what daily habits you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your veins healthy.

You’re Shaving Your Legs

6 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins
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If you’re used to shaving your legs in a hurry, you’re not doing your veins any favors. Accidentally cutting your legs can lead to irritating shave burns and can also affect your veins, which have a tendency to bleed.

Most women shave in a warm or hot bath, and when you accidentally cut your legs with a razor, the heat can make bleeding more severe. To avoid this, opt for razor blades specially designed for dry skin.

You’re Forgetting To Exfoliate Your Legs

6 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins
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While exfoliation doesn’t prevent varicose veins, the way you massage your legs while applying the product can definitely help. It stimulates blood flow, which does not allow the veins to become “loose.”

As an added benefit, improved blood circulation helps speed up collagen production and keeps your legs soft longer.

You’re Using A Dry Brush

6 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins
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You’ve probably seen beauty bloggers touting dry brush massage, and while it offers some cosmetic benefits, it can do more harm than good to your veins.

Using a dry brush too often or excessively may cause micro-cuts in the bristles. This, in turn, makes your veins more vulnerable to spontaneous bleeding and infection.

You’re A Runner

6 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins
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Staying active can definitely help prevent the development of varicose veins, but some exercise can lead to this condition over time. While running by itself does not cause varicose veins, much like pregnancy or significant weight gain, it does create an environment for this troubling condition to develop.

While running, increased blood volume can damage your veins and eventually make it harder for blood to flow through your legs.

You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar

6 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins
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Sugar increases blood pressure, which can damage and weaken your veins. It can also cause inflammation in the blood vessels, making it difficult for them to pump blood properly, which can cause the veins to dilate and enlarge.

In fact, even foods that seem like healthier alternatives to sweets, like dried fruits, are often high in calories and sugar, making them the veins’ worst enemy.

You’re Wearing Belts

6 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins
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If you are prone to varicose veins, you may want to rethink some of your fashion choices. Tight clothing may look good on you, but it also restricts blood circulation and makes it difficult for blood to flow from your legs to the rest of your body.

Instead of wearing skinny jeans or belts, opt for looser clothing. Your veins will thank you.

Are you guilty of any of these habits? Which one surprised you the most?

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