10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

Bananas are the foods that make yummy meet healthy. The vitamins and useful compounds they contain always protect our body.

We put together a list of 10 useful properties of this tropical fruit, and almost all depend on the ripeness of the banana.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat some and choose others, just that the right degree of ripeness can have a better effect on your health.

Health Benefits Of Eating Banana

1. Prevention Of Oncological Diseases

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today
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Bananas contain a specific protein (tumor necrosis factor) that helps prevent oncological conditions. Ripe fruits have much more, so it is recommended to eat bananas with spotted or darkened skin.

Source: jstage

2. Fighting Cramps

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today
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Mineral deficiency is a common cause of ankle muscle spasms. By consuming products as rich in potassium and magnesium as bananas, you can prevent muscle cramps. That is why many athletes include them in their diet.

Source: dailymail

3. Kidney Disease Prevention

Foods that contain enough potassium help prevent kidney stones from developing. According to a study, regular consumption of bananas can also decrease the chance of kidney malignancies by 40%.

Source: foodandlife, NCBI

4. A Robust Heart

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today
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A potassium-rich diet is recommended for those who have high blood pressure and are prone to cardiovascular disease.

Daily consumption of 1.3 grams of this element reduces the risk of cardiac events by 26%.

To supply this amount to your body, you should eat 2 to 3 bananas a day, depending on your weight.

Source: NCBI

5. Clear Vessels

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

Cholesterol is the main cause of vascular obstruction, which leads to atherosclerosis. Bananas contain phytosterols that help reduce blood cholesterol levels and maintain the health of the vascular system.

Source: NCBI, NCBI

6. A Healthy Stomach

Bananas are recommended for people with gastric ulcers and for those who are at risk. They contain a special enzyme that increases mucus secretion that protects the abdominal walls.

Source: NCBI

7. A Source Of Energy

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

The abundance of vitamins and minerals makes bananas a great source of energy. Simple carbohydrates are quick to digest and can replenish your energy resource almost immediately, if necessary.

8. A Good Mood

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today
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Bananas contain dopamine, the “happiness hormone,” along with the partial vitamin B complex that positively affects the nervous system.

These characteristics allow bananas to be included in the list of foods to eat if you feel suddenly depressed.

Source: NCBI

9. Help With Diabetes

These tropical fruits have a certain type of resistant starch that helps improve the condition of a person with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

However, it should be noted that green bananas contain more of this substance.

A medium-sized green banana contains 12.5 grams of starch, while a ripe banana contains only about 5 g.

Source: NCBI

10. A Slim Figure

10 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today
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The resistant starch prevents fat from being stored in the body and increases energy expenditure, resulting in rapid and visible improvements during intensive weight loss training.

The recommended daily dose of this substance is 10 grams. And of course, you should also be active and control your eating habits.

Source: NCBI

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