The Internet is full of secrets to get a great body quickly and easily. But which ones should you trust?

One of CrfatSides reader decided to try them all first-hand so that they can tell right from wrong so you don’t have to repeat her mistakes.

We must warn you that we are all different, and what works for one may not work for another and vice versa. Here, we want to share our own experiences and observations.

8. Drink Water Before A Meal

I Tested 8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See What Happened

What to do: 15 to 20 minutes before eating, drink a glass of room temperature water. The water fills you up and doesn’t let you eat much. It also burns calories by heating water to body temperature.

What happened: I managed to trick my stomach for about 10 minutes, after which the hunger returned and I ate no less than usual.

Our verdict: #nope

7. Aromatherapy

I Tested 8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See What Happened

What to do: During cooking, the appetite may decrease or disappear completely because the smells make our brain believe that we are satisfied.

This is why aromatherapists recommend inhaling smells of apple, mint, or vanilla when dieting.

What happened: The strong smell of aromatic oil reduces appetite, but not for long. After half an hour, the hunger returns stronger than before.

Our verdict: it works, but not for long.

6. Brush Your Teeth Instead Of Eating Dessert

What to do: Another way to combat the urge is to brush your teeth instead of eating. When you feel the menthol from the toothpaste in your mouth, your brain receives a signal that the meal has finished.

What Happened: Exactly what was promised, strange as that was. ven if there was a pang of hunger, going for lunch wasn’t on my mind for another hour or two. That’s because, for me, brushing my teeth is associated with ending the day and sleeping.

Our verdict: This works.

5. Eat Standing Up

I Tested 8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See What Happened

What to do: Many nutritionists recommend standing while eating because standing burns more calories. You are satisfied faster and eat less.

What happened: I ate less than normal, but not because it filled me up faster – I just got tired of standing with a plate.

Our Verdict: Yes, it works, but not as it should. Also, when we are standing, the stomach is not compressed compared to when we are sitting, so I am surprised that it works.

4. Hold Cutlery With The “Wrong” Hand

I Tested 8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See What Happened

What to do: Psychologists assure us that when we snack with the “wrong” hand (our non-dominant hand), we eat with less desire. So we end up eating a lot less.

What happened: I’m right-handed and I’m not very good at using my left hand. However, eating with the left hand was as easy as with the right.

Our verdict: #doesnotwork

3. Use Cool Shades In The Kitchen

What to do: People who tend to overeat are advised to use crockery of cool shades because blue and green are supposed to suppress the appetite and calm us down.

They are not associated with food because food generally does not have these colors (especially junk food).

What happened: I was surprised to find that, when surrounded by cool colors, I really didn’t want to eat much. Perhaps the effect is stronger if the food is not really desired … I didn’t finish this bowl of soup.

Our verdict: It works!

2. Dine In Twilight

I Tested 8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See What Happened

What to do: Here is a tip popular from Europe. During a meal in a darker space, we don’t realize how much food is left on our plate and we end up eating exactly what we need.

What happened: For me, eating in the dark felt festive and almost ritualistic. Taking advantage of the environment, I ate more slowly. I savored the food and got fuller faster.

Our Verdict: It works, but possibly for another reason.

1. Choose Foods That Are Digested More Slowly

What to do: Dishes with roughly the same weight or number of calories may take a different time to digest. For example, sometimes in the morning, it is better to eat eggs than oatmeal. This will help you stay full until lunch.

What happened: I digest morning oatmeal quickly, and the hunger returns in an hour. An omelette, however, “lasted” much longer, perhaps because it contains more fat. Thanks to that, I felt good and didn’t have to eat until lunch.

Our Verdict: Eggs are better than oatmeal for breakfast. You will try other options.


Previously, you thought that healthy eating meant significantly reducing your food choices. Say no to fatty, sweet, and fried foods! Eat only vegetables. Steamed vegetables.

I had to endure hunger, limit myself to broccoli, and drink water. But the effect of such a diet is not long-lasting, and the practice is not good for emotional health.

We all crave something from time to time, and not giving ourselves a break is brutal.

It’s true that to be healthy you should focus on unprocessed foods and drink water if possible, but it turns out that some non-standard tips and tricks work too, perhaps letting us eat that ice cream a little more often!

I will definitely use some of the methods I tried in this article. Please don’t blindly follow my verdicts as something that didn’t work for me may work for you.

Do you have interesting or unusual tricks to lose weight? Share them with us in the comments!