7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy

92% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have had permanent tooth decay. It may seem like something we cannot avoid. However, if we follow the correct professional advice, we can save our teeth or at least prolong their healthy life.

We love to smile and want everyone to enjoy laughing, so today we have 7 tips that can help you smile with healthy teeth more often.

Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Drink Coffee And Tea With Milk

7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy
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Coffee can be a very acidic drink, especially when consumed black. If you drink it every day, you can thin your teeth. Also, black coffee stains teeth because it contains tannins.

As a solution, drink coffee with milk. The same applies to black tea.

Don’t Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Drinking Tea Or Coffee

7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy
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Experts say that it is better not to mix toothpaste and coffee. It is best to brush your teeth 30 minutes before drinking. If you want to do it later, wait at least 1 hour and then do it. Coffee and tea break down tooth enamel due to their acidic composition.

It is better to follow this rule not only after drinking but also after eating.

Drink Water With Fluoride After Having A Meal

7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy
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Saliva plays an important role and keeps our teeth safe. Coffee and food reduce the production of saliva. Drink more water after a meal; the best water contains fluoride. Prevents cavities and strengthens teeth.

Get Temporary Dental Sealants

7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy
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Sealants are effective in preventing cavities on the surfaces of biting teeth. These areas can get dirty with food particles and can be difficult to remove with a toothbrush. In that case, sealants can save you. Consult your dentist if you need them.

Floss Your Teeth Before Brushing

7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy
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Regular flossing can also reduce bad breath and some diseases by removing plaque. Experts recommend flossing before brushing, but not after. This will help your brush reach the blocked areas.

Floss Your Teeth The Same Way, Every Day

7 Tips to Make Your Teeth White and Healthy

Maintain a regular pattern for flossing. Start with the upper teeth and work from left to right. After finishing the upper teeth, repeat the same on the lower part from left to right.

Chew Gum For Up To 20 Minutes

It is always best to chew gum immediately after eating, but it should not contain sugar. Chew for up to 20 minutes to increase saliva flow and flush acid after a meal.

What tips do you follow to keep your teeth healthy? How often do you brush your teeth after eating?

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