The average man changes his pajamas every 13 nights. Women typically wait 17 nights to throw their pajamas in the laundry room. Most women have multiple pajamas and tend to forget how long they have been out.

While crawling into bed in a well-worn set of pajamas might seem harmless, it can have some alarming consequences.

We were curious to know how the habit of going to bed in your old pajamas could affect you.

6. You’re Sleeping In An Unhealthy Environment

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Pajamas lie against your skin. If you wear the same piece of fabric repeatedly, bacteria and dead skin cells can start to build upon your clothes.

Even if you wash your bedding regularly, it will not stay fresh for long because it is in direct contact with dirty nightwear.

Wearing the same pajamas night after night can cause infections that can be difficult to treat.

5. You Could Transfer The Microbes Onto Other Clothing


When you put your pajamas in the washing machine, the bacteria it contains can be transmitted to all the other clothes that are washed.

If you have worn your nightwear for 2 weeks in a row, washing will not be able to remove most germs and will transfer to other clothing that comes into contact with your skin.

4. It Affects The Quality Of Sleep


Just as freshly laundered sheets can give you a feeling of relaxation, sleeping in clean nightwear makes you feel refreshed. Crawling into bed in sweaty pajamas can keep you awake at night if you’re feeling itchy.

3. It Can Worsen Your Allergies

If you are allergic to dust or have other respiratory problems, sleeping in old pajamas can cause serious harm.

Dust mites eat dead skin flakes, which is why they are attracted to your mattress and nightwear, causing respiratory problems.

If you are allergic to dust, it is best to change your pajamas at least every other night.

2. It May Give You Acne

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When you don’t change your sleepwear, bacteria and dead skin cells build up in the fabric. At night, it presses against the pores, blocking them and causing breakouts.

When you sweat while you sleep, your pajamas absorb sweat, causing pimples.

1. It May Weaken Your Immune System

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When you wear the same pajamas night after night, your immune system is constantly fighting off germs, respiratory complications, and allergies.

All of these factors can weaken your body’s defenses, making it difficult to protect against viruses.

How often do you change your pajamas? What was the longest time you wore your nightwear before washing it?