Taking your shoes off as soon as you get home is just what you need to unwind after a busy day. But letting tired feet relax doesn’t mean going completely barefoot at home. In fact, walking without shoes can have unpleasant consequences for the health and beauty of your feet.

We are also lazy to wear our house shoes sometimes. And we decided to find out what happens if you walk barefoot every day.

Dangers of Walking Barefoot

Your Feet Are More Exposed To Bacteria

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

Even if you just washed the floor, that doesn’t mean it’s totally germ-free. Your floor may appear clean, but there is actually still house dust that contains many harmful bacteria and fungi.

If you walk barefoot, you are exposing yourself to microorganisms that can infect the skin on your feet. This, in turn, can infect the toenails and make them yellow and brittle.

Hard Surfaces Aren’t Good For Your Feet

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

Walking barefoot on the lawn every now and then is nice and can even help you de-stress, but doing it indoors can hurt your feet. Softer surfaces allow the feet to sink naturally and support the insides of the feet.

But most floors are very hard and walking without the support of your shoes causes abnormal stress that can cause pain in the heels and knees.

It May Lead To Injuries

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

Taking off your shoes and breathing with your feet is certainly good after a long day at work, but walking around the house without shoes can lead to falls and injuries.

Studies have shown that wearing barefoot slippers or socks can cause falls and muscle strain as a result of the fall.

It Might Hurt Your Back

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

If you’ve ever felt your feet hurt after walking barefoot, there is a scientific explanation for it. Walking barefoot on hard surfaces causes uneven weight distribution on the feet.

This imbalance can worsen existing foot deformities and can even affect the upper body, causing pain in the knees and back.

It May Cause Smelly Feet

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

In addition to making your legs and backache, walking barefoot regularly can lead to unpleasant body odor. Not wearing shoes means not having protection against bacteria in the gym shower and even at home.

When you walk barefoot, you can easily come in contact with these infections, which can cause a bad odor.

Do you walk barefoot often? Have you noticed how this affects you?

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