Iodine is essential to our life because it is the key component necessary for the production of thyroid hormones. Our body cannot produce them by themselves, so we have to consume foods rich in this element.

Algae, plums, eggs, and dairy products are among them. Iodine deficiency can cause various uncomfortable symptoms. And when left untreated, it can be the cause of even more serious illnesses, such as cancer or heart failure.

We discovered the most common signs of iodine deficiency and are now ready to share the results with you. If you have any of these symptoms, plan a visit to your doctor to find out the exact reason.

Signs Of Iodine Deficiency

8. Hair And Skin Problems

Extensive hair loss and itchy skin may indicate that you need iodine. It helps regulate the moisture level of the skin, stimulates the healing of cuts and scars, and even slows down the formation of wrinkles.

This element is also an option for long and shiny hair. The secret lies in its ability to support follicular regeneration of hair and protect it from infection.

7. Cold Sensitivity

8 Symptoms That Your Body Is Begging for More Iodine
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It’s not that cold, but you wrap yourself in a blanket again. You always complain that you are cold, while others wear T-shirts and call you a hothouse flower.

It appears that you may suffer from iodine deficiency as it leads to a slower metabolic rate. As a result, our bodies produce less energy, which gives us desirable heat.

6. Unexpected Weight Gain

A slow metabolism would not be so undesirable if cold sensitivity was your only problem. But unfortunately, it also makes us gain excess weight.

It causes our body to burn fewer calories than normal and we don’t change our eating habits. As a result, the rest of the calories are stored as fat.

5. Fatigue And Weakness

8 Symptoms That Your Body Is Begging for More Iodine
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Studies have shown that approximately 88% of people with low thyroid hormones have this problem. If you find the things you used to do before are tiring now, but get enough sleep and don’t overload yourself, iodine deficiency may be your problem.

Constant fatigue and tiredness are other symptoms that we must blame for slow metabolism. We just don’t have enough energy to stay active.

4. Learning And Memory Problems

8 Symptoms That Your Body Is Begging for More Iodine
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According to a 2014 study, people with a lower level of thyroid hormones have a smaller hippocampus. This is the part of our brain that controls long-term memory.

This is why iodine deficiency can make learning and remembering things a real struggle for people. Furthermore, slow metabolism also affects the brain’s ability to process information and respond effectively.

3. Depression And Anxiety

8 Symptoms That Your Body Is Begging for More Iodine
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We often think that intense anxiety and depression can only be caused by physiological problems. But this is a common mistake. Scientists have confirmed that the link between depression and thyroid disorders was recognized a long time ago.

If you feel like you are feeling more than normal, see your doctor to rule out serious problems and get the right treatment.

2. Pregnancy-related Problems

Pregnant women should pay special attention to this problem since they need to cover not only their need for this element but also the demand of their children.

Thyroid hormones are very important to the baby before it is born. Its deficit has a negative impact on the development and intelligence of the infant’s brain.

Also, with iodine deficiency, there is an increased risk of stillbirth or miscarriage.

1. Constipation

8 Symptoms That Your Body Is Begging for More Iodine
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It seems that hypothyroidism has no mercy and can even affect our digestive system. The scientific literature confirms that an affected thyroid leads to decreased activity in the stomach and colon.

This is why some people experience constipation when they don’t get enough iodine. You should visit a doctor if you have less than three bowel movements per week.

Have you ever had a low level of iodine? What symptoms did you suffer? Stay healthy and share this article with your friends to raise awareness!