If you want to tone your entire body, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and burn calories, there is no need to sweat for hours at the gym or spend a fortune on home exercise equipment. The only thing you’re going to need is a jump rope!

That’s right, jumping rope isn’t just for kids. It has been shown to have many benefits and is an excellent supplement to other exercises.

Today, we’ll talk about the incredible benefits of jumping rope and teach you how to do it correctly so that you can see the results as quickly as possible.

Best Exercise To Burn Calories at Home

An excellent way to burn calories

This Simple Exercise Burns More Calories Than 30 Minutes of Running
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Studies suggest that 10 minutes of jumping rope is as efficient as 30 minutes of running in terms of cardiovascular improvement and calorie burning.

Jumping rope burns approximately 330 calories, while running burns 270 calories.

It does not require much space or time: Jumping rope doesn’t need much space – you can exercise anywhere, anytime. Bad weather is no longer an excuse!

It works several muscle groups at once: Jumping rope tones the arms, legs, back, abdomen, glutes, and shoulders.

Even a child can do it: Once acquired, the technique is very simple to implement and it does not matter your age, shape or current physical condition.

It improves your skills: Jumping rope not only works your muscles evenly, it also improves your coordination, dynamic balance, and reflexes.

You can do this alone or with friends: This exercise is not only effective, but also fun and enjoyable.

This Simple Exercise Burns More Calories Than 30 Minutes of Running
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What you need to know before you get started

1. Choose the appropriate jump rope. If you have the opportunity, sbuy it in a sporting goods store, where you can get advice on choosing the length, strap, material, etc.

2. Wear shoes without padding. You can also jump barefoot, which is even better, but we don’t recommend experimenting before mastering the technique.

3. Keep your head straight and look straight ahead. Do not look down.

4. Your torso should be straight and your knees slightly bent.

5. Keep your elbows close to your body.

6. Grip the handles with your fingers, not your palms.

Important: use your wrists to spin the rope, not your arms.

7. Use the front of your feet (metatarsus) to propel and land. Your heels should never touch the ground when jumping. You don’t have to jump too high, just jump 3-4 cm.

8. After mastering the basic jump, you can try other jump rope techniques: double twist, single-leg jump, crossover, etc.

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