Most people tend to think that any type of physical activity leads to weight loss. As a result, this assumption is incorrect. If your goal is to become slimmer and lose excess weight, you should stop doing exercises that allow you to gain muscle and make it look visually larger.

We have discovered which exercises are ineffective and what to replace. Don’t miss the bonus tips at the end of the article to learn the three secrets of effective weight loss!

Most Useless Exercise You Have Done

1. The Side Tilts With Weights

5 Most Useless Exercises people Continue To Do For Lose Weight
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To achieve beautiful washboard abs, many girls do side push-ups with dumbbells or other types of weights. This exercise develops the obliques while visually increasing the stomach and making the waistless visible.

Instead, what you should do: switch to tilts without weights or use dumbbells that weigh less than a pound. Do not perform this exercise more than once a week.

2. Squats

5 Most Useless Exercises people Continue To Do For Lose Weight
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Squats are one of the most effective exercises to firm the buttocks and thighs. However, if you are overweight and your muscles are covered with fat deposits, squats will make those parts of your body look even bigger. In addition, this exercise not only pumps the buttocks, but also the leg muscles.

Instead, what you should do: don’t get carried away by barbell squats. At first, squat without weights. Do 20 to 30 repetitions for 4 to 5 sets, with intervals between them that do not exceed 30 to 40 seconds.

3. Adduction And Abduction Of The Hips In Sitting Position

5 Most Useless Exercises people Continue To Do For Lose Weight
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When it comes to fighting body fat, external and internal thighs may be the most problematic areas. Hoping to lose weight, women are doing hip exercises with weight assistance in the gym. But this strength training does not lead to weight loss.

Instead, what you should do: to begin, stop doing the adduction/abduction exercise with the help of the machine and replace it with weightless (or low weight) lungs.

4. Weight-assisted Back Exercises

5 Most Useless Exercises people Continue To Do For Lose Weight
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Back strengthening exercises are crucial for strength training. But doing it frequently and with a lot of weight can make your back very wide, ruining the feminine proportions of your figure.

Instead, what you should do: exercise your back no more than once a week, using a lightweight. Warm-up before each workout should include hyperextension: this will help strengthen the back muscles without increasing muscle mass.

5. Pushups

5 Most Useless Exercises people Continue To Do For Lose Weight
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This exercise is convenient because it does not require additional equipment and can be easily done at home. However, you should not overdo it: the push-ups strengthen the pectoral muscles, the triceps brachii, and the triceps. If you are overweight, exercising these muscles will make your arms and shoulders look even bigger.

Instead, what you should do: replace push-ups with planks. This will help strengthen the major muscle groups and tighten the stomach.

Bonus Tips

Do not forget the three basic rules that must be followed if your goal is to lose weight:

  • Combine cardio and strength exercises.
  • Change your training programs and try different variations of exercise for the same muscle group.
  • To lose extra pounds, exercise with smaller weights, but do more sets and repetitions with shorter intervals between them.

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