In biology class, we learned that we inherit 50% of our DNA from our mothers and 50% from our fathers. This biological fact, however, does not mean that each parent passes on the same number of physical and genetic traits to the child. In fact, children are 60% more likely to inherit active traits from their parents simply because nature prefers to express these genes.

We have thoroughly researched this biological phenomenon and compiled for you the 5 genes that are most likely to come from the father’s side.


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Are you familiar with the phrase, “he’s tall like his father”? Apparently, this claim is backed by science. A person’s height is determined by at least 700 genetic variations inherited from both parents.

However, the height gene from each parent seems to work in a slightly different way. For example, genes from the father are important in stimulating growth and thus height.

Crooked Teeth


In cases where the father has poor oral health, the child is more likely to have to visit the dentist more often than his peers, even if his mother has good teeth. Everything from cavities to tooth decay, and all the dental problems in between, can come right out of the parent’s mouth.


Parents are 100% responsible for the gender of their newborns. The X and Y chromosomes, commonly known as the sex chromosomes, define the sex of the child. Girls inherit an X chromosome from their father, resulting in an XX genotype, and boys inherit a Y chromosome from their father, resulting in an XY genotype.

Since mothers only pass on the X chromosomes, fathers are in complete control of the gender.


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In many cultures, dimples are seen as a mark of beauty and attractiveness. However, scientists describe dimpling as a defect caused by the shortening of the facial muscles.

Dimples are assumed to be inherited as they are a dominant genetic trait and are usually inherited from the father.



There are no 2 fingerprints that are exactly the same as they are a unique pattern. However, a baby’s fingerprints can look like their father’s! Fingerprint patterns are genetic traits inherited from our parents.

Who are you (or your child) more like, mom or dad? More importantly, do you think mother nature is fair?

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